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Jonas Enterprise
Platform & Integration
Jonas Enterprise
How efficiently are you using Jonas….
 100%
 90%
 80%
 70%
 60%
 Less than 50%
Jonas Enterprise
 Non-integrated Systems
-DOS, Custom, Multiple Systems
- inefficient processes
- poor communications
- unnecessary expenses
Jonas Enterprise
 The case for integration
-enhance process efficiency
-achieve greater profitability
-gain more transparency
-meet the needs of each department
-invest and reap the productivity
Jonas Enterprise
When you send your employee out to a job…..
1. Do you equip them with proper tools?
2. Do you train them on how to use the tools?
3. Are you always looking for the latest tool to
complete jobs faster etc.?
Jonas Enterprise
Why not apply the same best practice
with your software?
Jonas Enterprise
How to get you started……
1. Knowing what is in your Jonas Toolkit
2. Ensuring you have the right tools for your
3. Training your employees to use the proper
The Jonas Tool Kit
How Many Tools are in the Jonas Tool Kit?
The Jonas Tool Kit
 Server Based & Web Based Tools
Jonas ToolKit - Core Tools
Silent Partner
General Ledger
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Purchase Orders
Inventory with Scanner
Counter Sales
Direct Deposit
Equipment Management
Document Management
Design Your Own Form
J-mail – Email Forms
Jonas ToolKit – Core Tools
Service Billing
-Work Orders & Quotes (Flat Rate, T&M, Warranty)
-Dispatch Scheduler
-Service Contracts with Checklists
Job Costing
-Change Orders
-Project Management
-Job Documents (RFIs, Submittals, Transmittals, Meeting Minutes)
-T&M Billing – Construction Management
-Progress Billing
-New Contact Database
Jonas ToolKit – Online Tools
 eMobile – online work order access
 eService – online Customer Portal
Job Costing
 eTimesheet – online time entry
 eDigio – Document Management
 DataMart – SQL Reporting
Jonas ToolKit – The Tool Belt
 PVX Platform
 SQL Platform
Barriers to Change
What is preventing you from growing?
 Change
 Budget
 People – Buy In Strategy
 Uncertain economic times
 Gamble whether to delay change
Time to Lead
Is it your time…..
 Opportunity Cost
 Gauging an organizations time for change
-painful process inefficiencies
-unnecessary maintenance expenses
-less credibility
-competitive landscape, better
customer service
Organizational Change
 It’s one thing knowing what’s in your toolkit
but it’s another thing ensuring your people
know how to use the tools.
 Change is difficult. Natural tendency to
revert back to what you know.
 Your tools are only as effective as the
people who know how to use them.
The Jonas Partnership
Leave this Conference with knowing:
 What’s in your toolkit
 What tools you should be using
 Teaching your employees how to properly
use these tools
 Network with other people who are using
these tools