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The Giver
For Young Adult Reading
Lois Lowry speaks
about “The Giver”
Why did Lois Lowry write this book?
Why is this book on the top 100 most
challenged books in America list?
The Perfect World
• What is a Utopia?
• What is a Dystopia?
Chapters 1-2
• Write at least 3 rules that you have noticed
in the community.
• Then tell me why you think these rules are
important in the community.
Chapter 3-4
• List at least three assignments that have
been mentioned in the book so far.
• Which of the assignments, if you had to
choose, would best fit your personality?
• What do the assignments tell you about
the community?
Flip chart
After Chapter 5
• What choices can the citizens in this community
make? What do these choices tell us about what is
important to the community?
• Are there choices you can make at home or school?
How are these choices different then the ones Jonas
can make?
Chapter 6
Ceremony is defined as: the formal activities conducted on
some solemn or important public or state occasion
What types of ceremonies have you attended in your life?
What stands out to you as important about each of the
Chapter 6
Ceremony is defined as: the formal activities
conducted on some solemn or important
public or state occasion
What types of ceremonies have you
attended in your life? What stands out to
you as important about each of the
Chapter 8
Assigned vs. Selected
• Assign- to give out or announce as a task
• Select-to choose in preference to another
or others; pick out.
Jonas was selected not assigned. Based on
the above definitions, tell me why you
think the Chief Elder made it a point to use
a different word.
Character Chart
Ceremony of 12
after Chapter 8
Dear Student,
Today you will go through the Ceremony of Twelve and you will be assigned a
job from the world of “The Giver.” You will be given the opportunity to write
about your feelings after being given this Assignment. Finally, we will have a
sharing of feelings as a class.
Thank you for your childhood!
Mrs. Salvatore
As you write your response to your Assignment, you will answer the following
questions in paragraph format.
• Introduce me to your Assignment. What job have you been assigned? What
activities will you be expected to perform for this job?
• Tell me about your views of this job. Do you think you will enjoy this job? Do
you think this will be a job you will be able to do successfully?
• Tell me whether or not you think this job fits your personality. Do you think
your personality fits with what you will be required to do?
• Imagine if you were assigned this job in “real” life, then tell me about what
you think would be the best thing about having this job and what would be
the worst thing about having this job.
• Your written response should be a minimum of 8 sentences.
After ch. 9 create book of rules
• Person vs Person
– 2 people who have issues to resolve between them.
• Person vs Themselves
– Internal conflict. Individual has a problem to resolve with themselves.
• Person vs Unknown
– Something in their future they have conflict with.
• Person vs Nature
– The person is threatened by or must survive/defeat a natural
occurrence. (i.e., surviving a tornado)
• Person vs Society
– One person against their respective society.
• Person vs Supernatural
– May also be Person vs God, but can include monsters, aliens,
demons, etc. Anything not inside the character’s “realm”.
Plot Development Techniques
• Foreshadowing
– Clues from the author that something was
going to happen or that something was not
quite “right”.
• Suspense
– The author makes us wait to see what
Plot Development Techniques
• Mood
– Emotions the reader experiences while
reading the novel.
• Flashback
– An event in the novel where the author took
us back to something that happened before
the action of the novel.
After Chapters12 and 13
Jonas now understands that he can see COLOR.
The Giver explains that one time everything had a
quality called color, but that when they went to
Sameness the colors went away.
• What do you think about their decision to
lose color?
• If they lost color, what do you think they
Symbolism with Color
What is Symbolism?
What is you favorite color?
You will group yourselves according to
your favorite color.
What does your choice say about you?
Symbolism in the novel
Chapter 11, 14
The memories Jonas receives are very
detailed. These details give the reader a
mental picture of what is happening. These
pictures are created using Imagery.
• Write down at least 3 of the phrases
from Chapter 11 or Chapter 14 that
help you create a mental picture.
• Tell me which of the five senses you
used to create the image of this
Family Tree after ch. 14
Human dystopia
Choices- Revisited
• Now that we know a little more about the
choices that were made for the
community, let’s talk a little bit about the
positives and negatives of:
– Climate Control
– Sameness
– Assignments
– Matching of Spouses
– Family Units
Memories: The Good and The Bad
• Now that we have seen that not all the
memories are good, does that change
your views on the need for one person to
“hold” all the memories for the community?
• Why do you think Jonas’ first lie to his
parents was important?
• What do you think Jonas means when he
tells Gabe that things could change?
• Why is Chapter 19 a turning point in the
• What do you think will be the outcome of
this new realization?
• What would you do?
Final Thoughts
• Given what you know now about utopias
and dystopias, how would you classify
Jonas’ community? Give me at least two
reasons for your choice.
• How does this book effect your views of a
perfect world?
• Why do you think this book has been
challenged by so many people?