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1938 Inderøy Slakteri (Inderøy Slaughterhouse) was established under a barn bridge at the Austad farm in Inderøy in the year 1938. Slaughter Jonas Pedersen married Erna Ness and they settled there in a place called Utgarden. The start was humble. Local farmers came with their cows and pigs to be slaughtered.


Processes and development has turned Inderøy Slakteri into a vital and future oriented alimentary business with solid roots in the food culture of the Trøndelag region. Inderøysodd is the main product.




The sodd recipe has remained unchanged for generations and is unalterable.

Local cooks passed on their ancient recipes and expertise to slaughter Jonas Pedersen. Pedersen systematized the process. This laid the foundation for today’s large scale production at Inderøy Slakteri.

The abattoir has received several distinctions for Inderøysodd, as well as the Cultural Heritage Prize from the local municipality. Such recognition inspires, engages and nurtures professional pride.



Inderøysodd is a festive meal containing beef and mutton, boiled on the bones, prepared and cut in cubes.

The fine broth obtained from the boiling is salted and seasoned with our secret spice mixture.

The special meat balls are made primarily from beef and mutton. The ground meat is mixed with milk and cream to enhance the nice and rounded taste.

Design award 2006

Inderøy Slakteri received the Design Award for the new design of Inderøysodd at the national championships for meat products in 2006.

The company worked intensely on the new profile in collaboration with Panorama Design in Oslo. Innovation Norway contributed financially to the commitment.


Preparation of game

Innovation and tradition

Authorized reception of game

In the hunting season we receive large quantities of elk, roe and deer for cutting and preparing.

The region of Nord Trøndelag has large areas of game and a big development potential for the processing of game products.


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Lysholm Sodd Aquavit

The idea was conceived in 2008.

Norway’s aquavit king Halvor Heuch was contacted.

Lysholm Sodd Aquavit was developed especially to suit Inderøysodd. The aquavit is based on ancient Norwegian recipes and spices (caraway) and matured in oak casks.


Caraway Caraway is a spice seed used for adding taste to bread, strong alcoholic drinks like aquavit, stews and other food.

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Skjenning An important trimming Local production Skjenning is and old, traditional, exclusive and delicious festive flatbread originating in the Innherred part of Nord Trøndelag. The skjenning has strong traditional ties to the sodd, a festive meal in the region.

Grüne Woche

Gr ü ne Woche is the world’s largest consumer fair for agriculture, food and travel.

Inderøy Slakteri and Gangstad Gårdsysteri represented Nord-Trøndelag at Gr ü ne Woche in Berlin this year.

Both companies are situated along “The golden detour” in Inderøy.

Inderøy Slakteri presented Inderøysodd, skjenning, Sodd Aquavit and elk salami.