Transcript lecture4

Your E-business projects so far
Spring 2013
What have we talked about so far?
What did you do last week?
E-business environment
SLEPT Analysis
• Social factors
• Legal and ethical factors
• Economic factors
• Political factors
• Technological factors
Activity for Today
Work with you e-business idea using the theory
from the things we have read so far
Remember proper references!
Think about the organization – its structure,
coordination etc.
Identify potential stakeholders in your environment
What kind of business model?
Describe conditions and trends in the environment
Find other relevant data and information that help you
analysing and understanding your e-business
Ask if you don’t know how to proceed!
Environment affect the strategy
• So what is strategy…?
”Strategy is a rule for making decisions under conditions of partial ignorance,
whereas policy is a contingent decision. Business strategy is the broad collection of
decision rules and guidelines that define a business’ scope and growth direction.”
– Ansoff 1965
“Strategy formulation involves the interpretation of the environment and the
development of consistent patterns in streams of organizational decisions”
– Mintzberg 1979
“Strategy is a broad based formula for how business is going to compete, what its
goals should be, and what policies will be needed to carry out those goals.
The essence of formulating competitive strategy is
relating a company to its environment.“
– Porter 1991
“Strategy concerns creating a vision of the future and the means and policies which
will enable the organization to reach that vision”
- Edwards et al 1991
My simple take on strategy
Strategy = Desired future – Current status
So strategy is all that happens between the offset
and at the point we decide that we are at the goal
Is it a plan?
A learning curve?
Five Forces (Porter)
McKinsey 7S strategy instrument
• Contribution to organizations’ strategy
• Modification of org. structure to support ebusiness
• Processes, procedures, information systems
• Break-down of staff
• Managerial/ staff style
• Skill-sets of team members
Superordinate • Values & cultures
• Strategy
• Structure
Content next time
Read chapter about strategy (start reading ahead)
Prepare and do project work now (not later)
We will next time do an exercise for a SWOT analysis
and McKinsey’s 7s-framework as input to your strategy
BUT! In order to do a proper SWOT you have to do a
thorough analysis of the model, organizational structure
and environment!
So work on all aspects of your project so far, and before
next week. If not….