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Computer Maintenance

6 th Grade





BCSI- 2: Students will identify and demonstrate computer maintenance and safety.

Explain basic file management Create a folder/directory Move, copy, delete, and rename files and folders Follow safety procedures in the use of computers

File Management

   Keeping your files and folders organized is called file management.

Windows Explorer is a type of program called a file manager.

The file structure from the top down starts with the largest storage area (the drive) and ends with the smallest unit of storage (the file)


Drive-the largest storage area. The C: drive is usually the hard drive.

 Folder-a place to save and organize files, for example documents or pictures.

 File-a collection of data. Files can be text, graphics, or other types of media

Working with Files and Folders

   Organize-group similar files together into one folder, just as you would put all your socks in one drawer Name or Rename-Use names that describe what is in the file or folder Move or Copy-Make sure you know where the file/folder was originally located and where it is being copied or moved.

Guidelines for a Safe Computer Classroom  Sturdy tables for the computers, monitors, and other equipment  Sturdy chairs for computer users    Clean floor, all books & backpacks out of the way Clean equipment Computer cables neatly arranged and out of walkways or seating area

Safety continued

      Computer cables connected safely to computer and outlets No food or drinks in the classroom Papers and supplies neatly organized Correct lighting to reduce glare and shadow Room temperature that is not too hot or cold Fire extinguisher or sprinklers in the room

Items needed

  Power Point TechSIM s-An interactive simulation about file management.