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True or
T or F
Let’s Market
$100 $100 $100 $100
$200 $200 $200
$300 $300 $300
Marketing 2
$100 $100
$300 $300
$400 $400 $400 $400
$400 $400
$500 $500 $500 $500
$500 $500
When you buy a piece of
pizza or a TV, you are
involved in marketing.
In the early 1900s,
businesses were mostly
concerned about producing
products that the business
believed customers could
afford and would purchase.
Planning is the most
important element of the “4
Ps of Marketing.”
Marketing skills are
valuable only to people
who are directly employed
in the field of marketing.
Marketing encourages
businesses to provide
products and services that
consumers want. It also
helps educate consumers to
make better purchasing
Marketing has only
positive effects on
people and society.
When customers’ wants and
needs are met, they are
more likely to be loyal and
continue to purchase from
the business.
Businesses must comply
with consumer protection
laws or risk fines and a loss
of business.
People’s wants and needs are
unlimited; in the same way,
resources are also unlimited.
If a need or want is
particularly important or
strong, a consumer might
be willing to spend more
money to satisfy it.
Exchanging products or
services with others by
agreeing on their values is
known as
a. marketing. c. promoting.
b. selling.d. bartering.
An approach to customer service that
gives employees the authority to
solve many customer problems is
a. relationship marketing.
b. hard selling.
c. social responsibility.
d. employee empowerment.
This marketing function
provides security for
products, personnel, and
a. selling c. risk
b. pricing d. promotion
The average cost of all
marketing activities is about
___ percent of the price of
a. 10 c. 50
b. 25 d. 90
An organized effort to
influence a company by
refusing to purchase its
products is called a
a. strike. c. tariff.
b. boycott. d. embargo.
The basic economic
problem is
a. greed. c. scarcity.
b. supply. d. demand.
Marketers are most
concerned with
a. minieconomics
b. microeconomics.
c. megaeconomics.
d. macroeconomics.
The first step in the
consumer decision-making
process is to
a. evaluate choices.
b. make a decision.
c. recognize a need.
d. identify alternatives.
Which of the following is at
the top of Abraham
Maslow’s hierarchy of
needs? (Top of the triangle)
a. self-actualization
b. social c. security
When you buy a Father’s Day card for
your dad to show him that you love him,
which of the following is probably
influencing you the most?
a. patronage motives c. promotional
b. emotional
d. rational
The enduring pattern of
emotions and behaviors that
define an individual is
known as
a. lifestyle. c. personality.
b. ethnicity. d. gender.
What kind of decision making
are you probably using when
you buy a gallon of milk?
a. limited c. routine
b. extensive d. emotional
The history, beliefs, customs,
and traditions of a group is
a. culture. c. civilization.
b. lifestyle.
d. social
A clearly defined segment of
the market to which a business
wants to appeal.
A planned set of questions to
which individuals or groups
of people respond.
Why did the United States
enter World War II
Which US president served
the longest in the White
Who is Major League
Baseball’s all time leader in
Bill and Susie are in
grade and they ride the
bus driven by Ms.
Kettle. If the bus picks
up 4, 3, 8, 19, 12, 2, and
7 students. Who is
driving the bus?
What author wrote Fox
in Socks?
$100 $100 $100 $100
$200 $200 $200
$300 $300 $300
$100 $100
$300 $300
$400 $400 $400 $400
$400 $400
$500 $500 $500 $500
$500 $500
The law of supply states
that when the price of a
product is increased, less
will be supplied; when the
price is decreased, more
will be supplied.
The point where supply and
demand for a product or
service is equal is called
market price.
If a business operating as a
monopoly is unregulated by the
government, it can charge any
price it chooses. The consumer
either pays the price set by the
business or goes without.
Most products and services are
exchanged directly between the
producer and the customer.
Service businesses usually
have less control over pricing
than businesses that sell
Patronage buying motives are
based on
a. loyalty c. logic.
b. love. d. fear.
Those who buy a product or
service for personal use.
A. Final Consumer
B. Business Consumer
C. All Consumers
Blending of the four marketing
elements (Product, Price,
Promotion, & Distribution
(AKA Place)
The study of economic
behavior and relationships for
the entire society.
A. Microeconomics
B. Macroeconomics
C. Megaeconomics
The study of relationships
between individual consumers
and producers.
A. Microeconomics
B. Macroeconomics
C. Megaeconomics
The general definition of
a(n) ____ is a set of linked
documents with shared
attributes, such as related
topics, a similar design, or a
shared purpose.
This is a folder inside
another folder.
This is the succession of
folders that must be
navigated to get from one
folder to another.
You use this panel to create
files, view, open, and move
files, create folders, delete
items, and manage a site.
One of the names of the
folder that contains within it
all the other subfolders.
This is where Dreamweaver
will look for Web pages,
links, images, and other
This means to apply different
fonts, change heading styles,
insert special characters, and
insert other such elements that
enhance the appearance of the
Web page.
a. Style
c. Formatting
b. Design
d. Text
Which heading setting
provides the largest text.
H1 or H6
Clicking the ____
button on the
Standard toolbar
reverses the most
recent actions taken.
____ structures are
used to set apart
document or
section titles.
A. Heading
B. Segment
C. Preformatted
This allows you to
make selected text or
other objects a link
to a particular URL /
Web address
B. List Item
C. Hyperlink D. Page Properties
These are the two
types of lists we
discussed in Chapter
1. In Microsoft Word
they are called
Bulleted and
What keyboard
combination do
you have to use to
enter a line break?
This symbol is
typed before you
enter the
values for a color
This button on the
keyboard allows
you to preview
your Web Page in
a browser
Dreamweaver's ____
feature allows users to
select colors and make
perfect color matches.
A.Color Cube
B.HTML Entities
C. Palettes
D. Eyedropper
7g + 1 = 50
Who was the second
president of the
United States?
Pi equals this as a
How many nouns are
in this sentence?
Isabella and Joshua
went to the park to
play on the swings.
These are the three
main phases of
What are the nine
major marketing
functions? (LIST
The nine major marketing
functions are market planning,
product and service management,
distribution, pricing, promotion,
selling, marketing-information
management, financing, and risk