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AB 86: Adult Education
Webinar Series
March 6, 2015
Agenda for Today
• Welcome
• Reminders / Follow-up
• Feather River Consortium – Succession Planning
Project – Rajinder Gill, AB86 Director
• State & Federal Apprenticeship Programs – John
Dunn, State Coordinator
• AB86 Grant Extension – Neil Kelly, AB86 Office
• Questions
Feather River Consortium:
Succession Planning Project
Feather River Consortium:
Feather River College
Plumas Unified School District
Continuation Schools
Literacy Program through Local
Social Service Organizations
Workforce Investment Agencies
Local Chambers of Commerce
Foster Youth Transition Agencies
Incarcerated Students Program
Rural Challenges & Solutions
No state recognized
apprenticeship programs in
Plumas County
Only one Federal program
through the US Forest
The Adult Education group
partnered with: CTE/EWD
Director at FRC, FRC’s
internship and e-ship
courses, and the Eastern
Plumas Chamber of
Braided funding was
supplemented by a Coleman
grant through the National
Association for Community
College Entrepreneurship
A pilot program started to
develop Succession Planning
with mentor-mentee pairs
The goal: to match needs in
the community with students
wanting to learn specific
work skills
Identified 3 Types
of Succession
1. Businesses looking to
transfer to the next
2. Non-profits facing change of
3. Entrepreneurs requiring
part-time, contract
assistance to allow more
work-life freedom
Apprenticeship Background
Apprenticeship is “Learn while you Earn”
Considered “post secondary” education
Includes a classroom component and…
On the job training component
No cost to the apprentice (books/tools perhaps)
Related and Supplemental Instruction (RSI) costs for
classroom instruction are supported by annual
appropriation in Budget Act, administered by CCCCO
Why Apprenticeship?
• Apprenticeship Fills the Gap
• Only 22 percent of California’s jobs require a
bachelor’s degree or higher
• Labor market experts predict that 75 percent
of new jobs will require a high level of
technical literacy
• In HVAC in San Jose area, 50% of Journeymen
are age 50 or over, plus new construction
Apprenticeship Update
• State Level Activities
• Federal Level Activities
• Grants & Opportunities
AB86 & Apprenticeship
• Develop a plan to integrate an appropriate level of
information related to apprenticeship into the
curriculum for all Adult Education program areas is
the first step.
• Involve individuals with expertise in apprenticeship.
• Direct curriculum content toward pathways aligned
with regional workforce demands.
• Ideas: field trips, shadowing, work experience, or
other opportunities to obtain a hands-on
AB86 Planning Grant Extensions
Deadline to submit – tentatively April 10, 2015
Webinars – March 20th & April 3rd
Performance Period – extended to 12/31/15
Eligibility – all AB86 consortia that have…
– Submitted their 3rd Quarter Fiscal Reports
– Submitted their AB86 Final Plans
Budget Revisions for 4th Quarter – March 30th
Extension Deadline April 10th
4th Quarter Reporting – by April 30th
5th Quarter Reporting – by July 31st
No extension – final report – August 30th
W/ Extension – 6th Quarter - October 31st
W/Extension – 7th Quarter – January 30th
W/ Extension – final report – February 2015
Allowable Activities
Limited to pilots & strategies from AB86 plans
Face Sheet
Contact Page
Work Plan (standard template)
• Objectives
• Activities/Outcomes/Timeline
• Responsible Persons
• Budget Detail & Summary