55 Word Stories

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55 Word Stories
Cyndie Franklin, MSEd
NEIFMR: November 27, 2013
Writing is a part of a physician’s daily life
Outpatient SOAP notes
Developing an H & P
Discharge summaries
A story is told about the patient, but the note does not
allow the doctor to reflect on the meaning of the
interaction with the patient.
A 55 Word Story
A brief piece of creative writing
Uses elements of poetry, prose or both
Encapsulates key experiences in health care
Themes can be “big” or “small”
Well written 55 Word Stories include key
elements of narrative
Conflict (something has to happen!)
Resolution (what’s the outcome of the story?)
Physical Diagnosis I
“I’m going to do your exam now.”
Pull out the blood pressure cuff, untwist the curly cord.
Which side by the skin?
Pen in my mouth, stethoscope in my ears
Cord snaps back and hits her cheek. . .
I need another hand or three.
“Don’t worry,” I say ruefully.
“They don’t give me anything sharp.”
Kristen Goodell, MD,Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston
The Patient
“I want you to be my doctor.
This has been a tough decision.
They promised me a cure.
Instead I received misery.
I want you to be there for my family
and me.
Don’t judge, just support and pray
with us.
Preserve my dignity.
Before you helped me live.
Now, please help me die.”
Uriel Ross Luckie, MD, Pensacola Naval Hospital, Family Practice Dept., Pensacola, Florida
Flying to a sunny place. Goal – exam; reward – relaxation.
Sun beating down on water
I walked to the towel. A message and a smile. My dad had
I wept. Why?
My dad did not want to chat.
My cousin dead; 25 years old.
Her demons finally got her; she took herself to peace.
Stacy Majoras, DO
He is a fighter, always optimistic, even with terminal
pulmonary fibrosis and CHF.
On my house call he talked to me about his plan of hunting
and fishing with the
oxygen cannula on.
“I am definitely going to do it next week,” he said,
with determination on his face.
He died the next day.
Zhai Fan, DO
Fifty-five Trail
Take a stab at it.
I still don’t know why.
55 more or less
Doesn’t make or hurt my day
But stab I will
Just about anything once.
My paper fails at 28
So I guess I’ll add some more.
An adjective, verb or extra noun
To get the magic number met.
Now fifty five.
Joel S. Leitch, In His Image Family Medicine Residency, Tulsa OK