Stoneridge Elementary - Roseville City School Districts

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Powered School
Project Lead the Way
★ Nation’s leading provider of K-12 STEM programs
★ Students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in our world
★ Kids become problem solvers
★ Lessons allow kids to take risks, make mistakes, and try again
★ Teachers are trained and certified by Project Lead the Way
Powered School
Project Lead the Way
Every child in every grade will get to participate in PLTW.
Each grade level has 2 modules: 6-8 lessons and a challenge.
The lessons in each module prepare students for a Design Challenge.
Design Challenge includes evaluation and discussion of new ideas.
Design Process
Students are taught the steps of the design process
State the problem in your own words.
Identify criteria and constraints.
Think of multiple ways to solve the problem.
Decide on the best solution.
Create a model to solve the problem.
Test your design. Compare it to other designs.
Modify your design.
Share your model and test results.
Describe ideas for improving your design.
Exploring Design
Pushes and Pulls
1st Grade
Light and Sound
Light: Observation of
Sun, Moon, and Stars
2nd Grade
Properties of Matter
Form and Function
3rd Grade
Science of Flight
Forces and Interactions
4th Grade
Energy: Collisions
Energy: Conversion
5th Grade
Robotics and Automation