Describe how the entire staff in the building have

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Transcript Describe how the entire staff in the building have

Our SIT is comprised of seven staff members:
• Social Worker; School Psychologist; Special Education teacher;
a 1st, 3rd, and 6th/7th grade teachers, and the Principal.
• Additionally, we have two West parents as members of our
• Our team attends MiBLSi trainings.
• We meet on a regular basis after our CSI meetings.
• We meet off-campus to enable us to focus on the SIP process
and the data analysis.
1. DIBELS Data – Pride Points
• Kindergarten – 85% of students currently at Benchmark
• First Grade – 67% of students currently at Benchmark
• Third Grade – 71% of students currently at Benchmark
• Fifth Grade – 70% of students currently at Benchmark
*Each grade level teacher has set year-end benchmark
goals for their students.
MEAP Data – Reading – Fall 2011
15% of students at Advanced Level
54% of students at Proficient Level
17% of students at Partially Proficient Level
14% of students at Not Proficient Level
*We have been working all year on improving our
reading scores through the RTI process.
1. MiBLISi – Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports
• All STAR – Show Respect, Take Responsibility, Act Safely,
Ready to Learn
• Assemblies, Song and Rewards, and Bi-Weekly STAR Students
• Tier I and II implementation – Check In/Check Out
2. High Staff Involvement – PSD Opportunities
• Rewards and LLI Training
• E.I. Training
• International Reading Conference
• MiBLISi Training
• SIOP Training
3. Technology Prototype Classrooms/Integration
• Mobile Computers, iPads and 3 Computer Labs
• Teachers on the Michigan Technology Grant
4. Family Reading and Math Night – Well Attended
Points of Pride
Reading Month
Dr. Seuss Reading Assembly/Suessical Performance
Guest Readers by Two Women’s NCAA Basketball Teams
Active Student Council
Weekly Recycling – Paper Gator
Food Drive for Community Action House
Change War
Hardworking and Very Active PTO
New: Reading Buddies
Cross-Grade Level
We Meet 2-Times per Month
Points of Pride
NEW: School Safety Program
This has Helped with After School Traffic Flow.
Increased the Safety for West Students and Families
NEW: Geography Bee
Students in Grades 4th through 7th Participated
The decision to use the Title One funds was through a
collaboration with the whole staff!
1. Staff book study on Response to Intervention (RTI)
for shared support and vision.
2. RTI school wide implementation that began in March
3. Data Analysis supported by Terri Metcalf, a
consultant from OAISD, with more ongoing data
meetings scheduled.
4. Hiring of a new Instructional Assistant.
5. Purchase of many Tier I and Tier II interventions.
6. Mac Books and iPads with Apps.
7. Professional Development for Teachers:
International Reading Conference, Rewards
Training, Daily Café, and training for Instructional
8. Leveled non-fiction books for Tier II intervention.
9. After school homework help for students in 5th
through 7th grade
1. Full implementation of RTI for the 2012-2013
school year.
2. Reading: Continue with the DIBELS data
analysis and goal setting for every classroom
3. Continue data analysis of MEAP, Delta Math,
Running Records, and other forms of
formative assessments.
4. Increase our Progress Monitoring of students
in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade.
Our general education students are integrated with students from our
Hearing Impaired, Autistically Impaired, and Emotionally Impaired students.
Our EI students go to our AI room to work with them on large motor skills.
You will see an AI student riding a tricycle with an EI student on the back,
around our building during 1st period.
West holds the districts Two Way Bilingual Immersion (TWBI) program. Next
year we will be adding 3rd grade.
Kid’s Hope Tutors.
Grand Valley and Hope College student teachers.
Adopted Grandparents with Freedom Village
Partnership with Christ Memorial Church
Hand-in-Hand Food Assistance Program – Central Wesleyn Church