Getting Started In Canvas

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Transcript Getting Started In Canvas

Getting Started In Canvas
Spring 2014
By- PCI Librarian
Log in to Canvas from Library website:
Use your email & password
[email protected]
Canvas Class Home Page
Read the Getting Started
topics to get familiar
with your class
Student Resources Hub
Find Your:
PCI Catalog
Help videos
PCI Writing Center
Online Library Link
Student Handbook
And More!
Student Lounge- Ask a question or
help a classmate here!
Instructor Bio- find bio, and contact
information here
Syllabus Quiz is Next
To view Syllabus,
hover over the word
on the far left side,
then RIGHT Click
and a new box will
pop up-
Click on “OPEN link
in new tab”.
After you read the
syllabus, come back
to this page & scroll
down to take the
quiz- you must
answer 3 questions
correctly to pass.
Now you are ready to start class!
Be sure to start with the
overview each week to
preview what you will
learn !
• Questions? You can get
help from:
• A classmate in the
Student Lounge
• Your Instructor
• Your Student Success
• The Librarian