Hallway Expectationsfor Leopard Lane

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Transcript Hallway Expectationsfor Leopard Lane

Before School
Car riders enter through Front Cafeteria
doors before school
Bus riders enter through the sixth grade wing
Obtain an absence permission slip if you
were absent the day before –Cafeteria
Eat breakfast and stay seated
Library opens at 7:50 a.m.
Old Gym-5th graders seated on
floor in rows
New Gym 6th graders seated
on floor in rows
Teachers will come to gym to pick up students
• Students will exit the classroom and move to the right and walk in a single
file staying close to the wall on the black tiles
•Students will walk on the right hand side of the hallway in a single
file line
•If you need to go to restroom, drink, or enter a classroom you step
out of the moving line.
•Teachers will be in the middle of the hallway moving back between
middle of the hallway and their classroom.
•If you need to go to fine arts or PE keep moving down the hallway
and enter the fine arts wing in a single file line. You will then step out
of the moving line into the art or band hall. PE will go out the end
doors where a teacher will be waiting to escort you to gym.
• Students will move out of the line and enter the
•Use the restroom, wash your hands, and enter
the moving line to the right and go with the
moving line until you arrive to your classroom.
•Once in the classroom you will NOT be allowed to
go to the restroom.
Cafeteria Expectations
•Students will walk into the cafeteria with their teacher in a single file line.
•Students will get into the lunch line straddling the red tape in a single file
•Students will use polite manners with all adults.
•Students will sit at designated tables.
•When eating area is free of trash, students will be dismissed by tables to go
to courtyard.
-Students will line up at the back cafeteria doors and wait for an adult to
walk them outside in a single file line.
-Students will walk around the designated track until two whistles are
-At the sound of two whistles students will quickly line up by team color by
the pavilion.
After School Expectations
Bus riders will go to their designated
classrooms at dismissal time.
Bus riders will be called for over the PA
system one bus number at a time.
Bus riders need to move quickly to the
hallway where a designated teacher will
escort students to the bus. Students will
have 3 minutes to get to the bus.
After School Expectations
Students that walk home or get a ride will be released at 3:40.
Students that walk home need to be
off campus by
3:45. Please stay out of our neighbors yards!
Riders need to be picked up no later than 4:00.
Library is open until 4:00 on Mondays and Tuesdays
If you’re picked up after 4:00 a $10 late fee will be charged.
Attendance Expectations
If you are absent, your parent needs to
call the day of the absence.
On your first day back to school you’ll
need to bring a note explaining your
absence. Your absence will not be
excused unless a note is received. All
notes should be turned in to Ms. Ford in
the cafeteria during breakfast.
Classroom Expectations
• No restroom breaks once class begins!
•Read the “ICE BREAKER” instructions and get materials
from your backpack.
•Place your backpack in an area designated by your teacher.
•Place your planner on your desk.
•Take a seat and complete the ice breaker questions.
Tardy – you must be in your seat in all
classes when the tardy bell rings, or you are
Bus riders leave class by announcementFront cafeteria doors do not open until
7:30 a.m.
IB tickets and prizes each day
STARR prizes
Lake Air Intermediate School
“I was caught being I.B!!”
Student Name __________________________________________
Referred By ___________________________________________
Inquirers – Enjoy Learning
Knowledgeable – Explore concepts/ideas of local & global
Thinkers – Exercise initiative in applying thinking skills
Communicators – Express ideas confidently & creatively; works
effectively with others
Principled – Acts with integrity & honesty; takes responsibility for
own actions
Open-minded – Open to perspectives of others
Caring – Shows empathy, compassion, & respect towards others
Risk-takers – Explore new ideas; brave & articulate in defending
Balanced – Understand the importance of intellectual, physical, &
emotional balance
Reflective – Give thoughtful consideration to their own learning
-Pierced ears only
-Save your unusual
haircuts for the
Weekends - lines, shapes, etc…
Only braces on your teeth
No Grilz!
Make sure your
shirts are buttoned
up to an
appropriate level
Leave your sunglasses
and hats at home
Must be a Polo-style
shirt with three or
fewer buttons
LOGO-if a logo is worn,
the logo needs to be
less than the size of a
Shirts may have long or
short sleeves
Dress Code Expectation
Solid colors only
must have an approved shirt under it
no hood or front pocket
no writing on the front
Wear a belt
Skirts or shorts must come
to the top of your knee
Docker style pants
Capri pants
No cargo pants – all
pockets at your waist
Sorry – these are
not ok to wear
Your shoes need:
1. To be enclosed
2. A back strap
3. No wheels
Electronic Expectation
$15.00 if you
have your cell
phone out or it
Why do the “right” thing?
•You will be able to enjoy yourself more
A Honor Roll and A-B Honor Roll
Perfect Attendance
IB store
•Incentive Trips
•Leadership Teams- 5th and 6th 2 students
per Family time teacher
•End-of-the-Year Awards
Incentive Trip
You qualify for the trip if for 6 weeks you have:
Zero office referrals
Failing a class not an option
Zero absences
Zero tardies
Great Year