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Chapter 19; Section 4

The Challenge of Black Power

The Civil Rights Movement 1954 - 1968

Nation of Islam Organization, also called the Black Muslims, dedicated to black separation and self help

Black nationalism Belief in the separate identity and racial unity of the African American community

Black power African American movement seeking unity and self-reliance

De jure segregation Segregation based on the law

De facto segregation Segregation based not on law but on poverty and ghetto conditions

Main Idea Gains in civil rights came so slowly that some African Americans rejected nonviolence, calling for black power and more militant actions .

MLK, Jr. was admired for nonviolent protest, yet some Americans in the civil rights movement questioned his approach.

Anger was simmering among many African Americans against the injustices they faced. The movements became divided between nonviolent methods and more militant approaches.

Q: Why did black nationalists such as Malcolm X believe the civil rights movement was doomed to fail?

They believed that only segregation could bring African Americans autonomy and respect

Q: How did black nationalism differ from other civil rights activism?

It was segregationist and its leaders were opposed to nonviolent protest. It was a Nation of Islam-led, rather than a Christian-led movement.

Q: What efforts did the Black Panthers make to improve the quality of life in black communities?

They established community programs such as daycare centers and free breakfast programs.

Q: What social and economic factors may have contributed to the patterns of settlement shown in the map on p. 583?

Job discrimination resulting in low wages and the need to live in low-income areas; prejudice on the part of realtors and residents in white neighborhoods.

Q: What set off the Watts riot?

Police brutality against an African American motorist

Malcolm X

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Stokely Carmichael

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De Jure v. De Facto Segregation

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