EBCA European start up meeting

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Transcript EBCA European start up meeting

European start up meeting
Lausanne, 4/09/2009
What is EBCA?
• An international not for profit
• Founded to better support the
national burn patient associations,
– in a coordinated way
– In a permanent way (sec., HQ fix)
– In order to better defend the rights of
the burn patients on a European level
(towards EU officials and
– With a central information point
– Funded by all parties concerned with
better prevention and better rights for
the burn patients
What has been done already?
One FT staff member: Hubert, since 1/01/2009
Funding guarantee until end 2011 already
Information gathering in headquarters
Links to national websites
Information exchange between members
Some financial means to reimburse the meeting
costs of EBCA, no transport costs yet
What comes in 2010?
• Specific international project launch (Busworld)
• Continuation of information gathering
• Expanding the international network with other
countries next to Belgium, Holland, France,…
• 1 meeting/year
• One central meeting place
• Permanent contact with EU officials
What’s in it for you?
• Information sharing of national know-how on:
– National projects (and results!) of prevention
– Statistics
– Becoming a reliable and quality check-point for EU
– Opinion leading regarding “hot” issues, such as
flame retardants, domestic escape roads, smoke
detecting, better bus and car safety instructions,
– Campaign sharing in a controlled way
Questions on…..?