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Thomas Jefferson, 1743-1826
I cannot live without
Samuel Goldwyn, 1882-1974
I read part of it all the way
Ambrose Bierce, 1842-1914?
The covers of this book
are too far apart.
George Eliot, 1819-80
No story is the same to us
after a lapse of time; or
rather we who read it are
no longer the same
Herbert Spencer, 1820-1903
Reading is seeing by
Katherine Patterson
The gift of reading, like all
natural gifts, must be
nourished or it will
Edmund Wilson, 1895-1972
No two persons ever read
the same book.
Malcolm X, 1925-65
I have often reflected
upon the new vistas that
reading opened to me. I
knew right there in prison
that reading had changed
forever the course of my
bell hooks, 1952-
Life-transforming ideas
have always come to me
through books.
Horace Mann, 1796-1859
A room without books is
like a room without
Cicero, 106-43 B.C.
A room without books is
like a body without a soul.
Coolio, 1963-
I used to walk to school
with my nose buried in a
Emily Dickinson, 1830-86
There is no Frigate like a book
To take us Lands away,
Nor any coursers like a Page
Of prancing Poetry.
Ezra Pound, 1885-1972
Literature is news
that STAYS news.
Mary Ellen Chase, 1887-1973
There is no substitute for
books in the life of a child.
Mark Twain, 1835-1910
A classic is a book
everyone wants to have
read and nobody wants to
Joseph Addison, 1672-1719
Reading is to the mind
what exercise is to the
Groucho Marx, 1890-1977
From the moment I
picked up your book until
I laid it down, I was
convulsed with laughter.
Someday I intend reading
Aneurin Bevan, 1897-1960
I read the newspaper
avidly. It is my one form
of continuous fiction.
Harper Lee, 1926-
Until I feared I would lose
it, I never loved to read.
One does not love
Groucho Marx, 1890-1977
I must say that I find
television very
educational. The minute
somebody turns it on, I go
to the library and read a
Montesquieu, 1689-1755
I’ve never known any
trouble that an hour’s
reading didn’t assuage.
Anna Quindlen, 1953-
I would be most content if
my children grew up to be
the kind of people who
think decorating consists
mostly of building enough
John Ruskin, 1819-1900
All books can be divided
into two classes, the
books of the hour, and the
books of all time.
Dr. Seuss, 1904-91
The more that you read,
the more things you will know.
The more that you learn,
the more places you’ll go.
Virginia Woolf, 1882-1941
Fiction is like a spider’s
web, attached ever so lightly
perhaps, but still attached to
life at all four corners.
Moses Hadas, 1900-1966
This book fills a much
needed gap.
Herbert Samuel, 1870-1963
A library is thought in cold
Jorge Luis Borges, 1899-1986
I have always imagined
that Paradise will be a
kind of library.
Jean Fritz, 1915-
When I discovered
libraries, it was like
having Christmas
every day.
Ralph Waldo Emerson,1803-82
What’s a book?
Everything or nothing.
The eye that sees it is all.
Erasmus, 1466-1536
When I get a little money,
I buy books; and if any is
left, I buy food and
James Baldwin, 1924-87
It was books that taught me
that the things that
tormented me were the very
things that connected me
with all the people who
were alive, or who have
ever been alive.
Heinrich Heine, 1797-1856
Wherever they burn
books, sooner or later
they will burn human
beings as well.
Joseph Brodsky, 1940-
There are worse crimes
than burning books. One
of them is not reading
Ray Bradbury, 1920-
You don't have to burn
books to destroy a
culture. Just get people
to stop reading them.
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, 1689-1762
No entertainment is so
cheap as reading, nor any
pleasure so lasting.
Walter Savage Landor, 1775-1864
What is reading but silent
Groucho Marx, 1890-1977
Outside of a dog, a book
is man’s best friend.
Inside of a dog, it’s too
dark to read.
W. H. Auden, 1907-73
Some books are
undeservedly forgotten;
none are undeservedly
Voltaire, 1694-1778
The multitude of books is
making us ignorant.
Gwendolyn Brooks, 1917-2000
Read between the lines.
Don’t swallow everything.
Lewis Carroll, 1832-98
“What is the use of a
book,” thought Alice,
“without pictures or
Confucius, c. 551 - c. 479 B.C.
No matter how busy you
may think you are, you
must find time for reading
– or surrender yourself to
John Locke, 1632-1704
Reading furnishes the
mind only with materials
of knowledge; it is
thinking makes what we
read ours.
Amy Lowell, 1874-1925
All books are either
dreams or swords.
Montaigne, 1533-92
Every abridgement of a
good book is a stupid
Henry David Thoreau, 1817-62
Books must be read as
deliberately and
reservedly as they are
Arthur, Lord Balfour, 1848-1930
He has only half learned
the art of reading who has
not added to it the even
more refined
accomplishments of
skipping and skimming.
Helen Keller, 1880-1968
Literature is my Utopia. Here
I am not disenfranchised. No
barrier of the senses shuts
me out from the sweet,
gracious discourses of my
book friends. They talk to me
without embarrassment or
Maya Angelou, 1928-
If I were a young person
today, trying to gain a
sense of myself in the
world, I would do that
again by reading, just as I
did when I was young.
Woody Allen, 1935-
I took a speed reading
course and read War and
Peace in twenty minutes.
It’s about Russia.
Sir Francis Bacon, 1561-1626
Some books are to be
tasted, others to be
swallowed, and some few
to be chewed and
digested . . .