BOOK BUYING 101 - Houghton College

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Transcript BOOK BUYING 101 - Houghton College

Houghton College
Transition Orientation Program
What Books Do You Need?
• You can find a list of the books you need for
each of your courses by looking online at the
Campus Store website:
• You aren’t required to purchase them from
the campus store, but you can.
How to Buy Online
Find out which books you need
Search an online store such as ebay,, amazon, etc. Better yet,
try, which searches all of the above sites
and more to give you the best price.
Add the book to your “cart.” Continue shopping until all books you wish
to purchase are in your cart.
Go to “Checkout.” You will probably need to log in at this point. If you
don’t already have an account with this website, it is quick and easy to
create one.
Enter your billing and shipping information. Your billing information
must exactly match the address and data for your credit card.
Select your shipping speed. Make sure you will get it in time.
Buy the book!
Once you have received the book, it is good etiquette to leave
“feedback” for purchases made from individuals, such as those on ebay,, and the Amazon marketplace.
Online Buying Tips
• Used books can save you money, but often come with
underlines, highlights, and notes already in them. If it’s
an important class you may want to buy new.
• Make sure you get the correct edition!
• Pay attention to shipping costs, which are often listed
• Pay attention to shipping times. Order your books far
enough ahead of time to get them for class.
• If you are purchasing books from multiple websites (for
example; 1 from Ebay, 3 from, and 5 from
Amazon) make sure you checkout at each individual