Hinduism - Roseville City School Districts

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Transcript Hinduism - Roseville City School Districts

Review Questions
What continent is India located on?
What is a subcontinent?
What is a monsoon?
What are some of the Harrapan’s Achievements?
How was the Aryan culture different from Harrapan?
What are the 4 Varnas/Castes?
What were some of the Caste rules?
Hinduism Develops
• Largest religion in India today
• Borrowed ideas from other
Hindu Beliefs
• Polytheists (believed in many gods)
• Some gods were….
Brahma-the creator
Siva-the destroyer
Vishnu-the preserver
Beliefs Continued
• Believed that all gods are part of one
spirit-the Braham
• Braham created the world
Life and Rebirth
Everyone has an atam- a soul
Goal is to reunite the soul with Braham
World is just a illusion
Souls are born and reborn in a new
body-called reincarnation
Hinduism and the Caste system
• Believed in Karma the effect actions
have on your soul
• If you are bad, then you will have bad
karma and will be reincarnated as a pig
or lesser caste
• If you have good karma, you will be
reincarnated into a higher caste
Hinduism and the Caste System
• Moksha is salvation
• They believed you must obey ones’
dharma-their duty and do not complain
Hinduism and Women
• Women were inferior to men
• Were not allowed to read Vedas-sacred
texts that contained hymns and poems