HB 5: A new path to post-secondary success

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Transcript HB 5: A new path to post-secondary success

HB 5

A new path to post-secondary success

The 83 rd Texas Legislature passed House Bill 5 which contains sweeping changes to the Texas Education Code, and therefore, to graduation plans in Texas public schools

End of Course Exams

  Reduced from 15 to 5 Those five tests are: ELA I, ELA II, Algebra I, Biology and US History  Reading and Writing were combined into one English/Language Arts test at levels I & II

New Graduation Plan Created

  Foundation High School Program (FHSP) It also added Endorsements, Distinguished Level of Achievement and Performance Acknowledgements  Starts with next year’s freshmen (cohort 2018)

House Bill 5’s Foundation Plan was designed to give students more flexibility in scheduling classes.

House Bill 5 Foundation High School Program English Language Arts Four Credits English I English II English III Advanced English Course Mathematics

Three Credits

Algebra I Geometry Advanced Math Course Science

Three Credits

Biology Physics or Principles of Technology Chemistry

House Bill 5 Foundation High School Program Social Studies

Three Credits

US History US Government (1/2 credit) Economics (1/2 credit World Geography or World History or combined World Geography/History Physical Education Foreign Language Fine Arts Electives

Total One Credit

Two credits (same language)

One Credit Five Credits 22 Credits

CISD may decide to add courses to the Foundation Program.

In Addition to the FHSP, Students Will Need to Choose an Endorsement        STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) Business and Industry Public Services Arts and Humanities Multidisciplinary Studies Specific courses for each endorsement will be decided during the 2013-14 school year.

General descriptions of each endorsement follows

The FHSP with Endorsement

Each endorsement requires 26 credits total, including:    4 th math (STEM will most likely require Alg.II) 4 th science Additional electives within the endorsement  NOTE – specific requirements will not be known for each endorsement until the State Board of Education makes the final ruling.


STEM  Requires Algebra II, Chemistry and Physics, and  Coherent sequence in CTE STEM courses, or  Coherent sequence of four courses in computer science, or  Four courses in mathematics, or  Four courses in science

Business & Industry    Includes Advanced Math and Science, and • • Coherent sequence four English elective courses to include three levels of one of: • Advanced Broadcast journalism Newspaper Public Speaking • Debate, or • • • • • • Coherent sequence of one of the se CTE course clusters: • Agriculture, food, and natural resources Architecture and construction Arts, audio/visual technology, and communications Business management and administration Finance Hospitality and tourism Information Technology • Manufacturing • Marketing

Public Service   Includes Advanced Math and Science, and Coherent sequence in CTE courses  Education and training  Government and public administration  Human services  Law, Public safety, corrections, and securities  Four courses in Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC)

Arts and Humanities  Includes Advanced Math and Science, and  Four social studies courses, or  Four levels of the same language other than English (LOTE), or  Two levels of the same LOTE and two more levels of a different LOTE , or  Four levels of American Sign Language, or  Coherent sequence in Art, or  Coherent sequence in Dance, or  Coherent sequence in Music, or  Coherent sequence in Theatre

Multidisciplinary Studies     Includes Advanced Math and Science, and Four advanced courses that prepare a student to enter the Workforce successfully, or post secondary education without remediation (no coherent sequence required), or Four credits in each of the four Foundation subject areas to include English IV and Chemistry and/or Physics, or Four AP or IB courses to include one credit in each of the four Foundation subjects

Distinguished Level of Achievement To earn the distinguished level of achievement, students must complete:  The FHSP  An Endorsement  Algebra II Students completing the distinguished level are eligible for college admission under the Top 10% automatic admissions provision.

Performance Acknowledgement

A performance acknowledgement can be earned for outstanding performance:       In a dual credit course In bilingualism and biliteracy On an AP test On the PSAT, SAT, or ACT For earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license Once again, more details later this year

Websites, other places parents can get information as it comes out? http://www.tea.state.tx.us/graduation.aspx

? District/counseling/campus websites?