Agenda 1-15-2015 - Renton School District

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Transcript Agenda 1-15-2015 - Renton School District

Agenda 1-15-2015
Juniors - Huck Finn
Freshmen - Odyssey
Good Morning 1-15-2015
•Step 1: Grab your notebook
•Step 2: Start a fresh page or continue
from where you last were date it and
label it DO NOW: Journal
This excerpt comes from another
of Twain’s speeches called, “The
Damned Human Race”
Why is his final idea -- about our
intellect, and how important that we
think we are -- Ironic?
He has just one stupendous superiority. In
his intellect he is supreme. The Higher
Animals cannot touch him there. It is
curious, it is noteworthy, that no heaven has
ever been offered him wherein his one sole
superiority was provided with a chance to
enjoy itself. Even when he himself has
imagined a heaven, he has never made
provision in it for intellectual joys. It is a
striking omission. It seems a tacit
confession that heavens are provided for the
Higher Animals alone. This is matter for
thought; and for serious thought. And it is
full of a grim suggestion: that we are not
important, perhaps, as we had all along
supposed we were.
Huck Finn Theme Expert Assignment
• Find 12 Best
• Research Modern
• Submit Four
Summaries w/article
or link
• Prepare 15 Minute
• Three Twain
• Three Modern
World Examples
*Take notes in your
notebook there will
be a small quick quiz
on the presentations
on Friday Jan 16th.
Your notebooks will
be turned in on Jan
16th also!
• You will take it in April or May of this year.
• It is all on the computer
• If you passed the HSPE last year then it will not count towards graduation
• To entice you to try at this test the Students who score proficient or
higher on the scoring rubric do not have to take a remedial class in
• Also, there is a chance that your SBAC scores will be reported on their
transcripts for colleges to see.
Good Morning/Afternoon 1-15-2015
•Step 1: Grab your notebook & your copy of the odyssey
•Step 2: Start a fresh page or continue from where you last were date it and label it DO NOW: Journal
Answer each of these questions and tell me why you know that is the correct answer.
The incidents and story of the Odyssey are based on
Now-lost records
Ancient history books
Myth and oral tradition
Homer’s Life
To delay the Suitors for three years Penelope
Hides away
Weaves and unweaves a loom or tapestry
Pretends to be sick
Grieves for her self
When Circe turned his men into swine who came to give him a message Odysseus?
The Soothsayer
Quiz Review
You will want to know the traits of an Epic Hero
What makes Odysseus a Tragic Hero?
The Review of the Monomyth
Odyssey: The Beggar and the Faithful
Below your reading logs answer the following questions:
1. Who recognizes Odysseus as master of Ithaca? What is the effect of this
scene? In what way is it symbolic?
1. In book 17, Athena urges Odysseus to beg from all of the suitors to “test
them, so we can tell the innocent from the guilty,” even though she doesn’t
plan to spare any of them. Why would she do this? What does it show about
Odysseus’ character that he not only complies, but really throws himself
into the role, especially with Antinous?
Weaponry of the Odyssey
As Odysseus must soon prepare to take back his castle
we need to think about how he will defend himself.
This is a kill or be killed scenario...
Brainstorm with your table mates a list of weapons
available to Odysseus? (put in notebook)
What other cultures use those weapons?
How has weaponry changed over time?
If you were around then what weapon would you
Missing Book Presentations
Take Diligent notes while your peers teach you about parts of the Odyssey that
you will not read.
Ask any questions you may have so there is clarity.