Agenda 1-5-2015 - Renton School District

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Transcript Agenda 1-5-2015 - Renton School District

Agenda 1-5-2015
Juniors - Huck Finn
Freshmen - Odyssey
Good Morning 1-5-2015
Step 1: Please grab your notebook and Huckleberry Finn
Step 2: Please open your notebook to a new page or where you left off of from
yesterday, date it, and label it Journal
How was your break? Tell me one thing you did in
detail. Hopefully you had a great productive and
restful two weeks!
“Advice to Youth”
1. Read: Annotate as asked
2. Then Look up 5 of the words and define them. Write on paper
3. Fill out chart
4. In a word document List at least three things that Mark Twain is
critical of in “Advice to Youth”, and explain the point that he is
trying to make about each one.
5. When you are finished print it out and turn in to me. Then start
working on other assignments.
“Advice to Youth”
With your group, identify the satirical technique and concrete detail
that connects to the criticism and message that I have defined for you
Check with me to make sure your answer is correct
Share your answer with the class
Lunchroom Murder
You and a partner must attempt to determine which of the people in the
lunchroom killed Fannin. You will have to observe the details carefully.
There is enough evidence to help you explain most of what happened. In
working out the solution, consider the following questions.
Claim, Evidence, Warrant
Definition of Claim:
An assertion usually supported with evidence. Usually includes a support,
refute, or qualify statement.
Example: Students should not have cell phones in school because it is a
distraction in the classroom
Definition of Evidence: Evidence provided to bolster the Claim and support
the Warrant.
Backing: In 2010, cell phone violations were the second most disciplined
offense at Kentridge High School.
Definition of Warrant: the implied statement that creates a logical connection
between the Claim and the Backing.
Example: Even though cell phones are banned from school, it is assumed all
students carry a cell phone with them, and many of them send text messages
in class, but are never caught.
Huck Finn Theme Expert
• Find 12 Best Mentions
• Research Modern
• Submit Four Summaries
w/article or link
• Prepare 15 Minute
• Three Twain Examples
• Three Modern World
Good Morning/Afternoon 1-5-2015
•Step 1: Grab your notebook & your copy of the odyssey
•Step 2: Start a fresh page or continue from where you
last were date it and label it DO NOW: Journal
How was your break? Tell me one thing you did
in detail. Hopefully you had a great productive
and restful two weeks!
Persephone Annotation, Summary, &
Take your time and read what you wrote in your response
Take a look at my notes and write a review of yourself.
A couple areas where you excelled and a couple where you could find improvement.
TBE=Text Based Evidence
w/c = Word Choice
Reading Logs Odyssey: Cattle of the Sun
Below your reading logs answer the following questions:
1. What is Eurylochus’s “insidious plea” (lines 879-894)? If you were a member of the crew,
would you be swayed by this argument, or would you heed Odysseus’ warning? Do you
think murdering the cattle is justified, or is it sacrilege?
1. Odysseus constantly takes personal credit when things go right, but on lines 915-918 he
blames the gods for letting him fall asleep. What has happened, who does he blame, and
what does this say about Odysseys?
Missing Book Presentations
Take Diligent notes while your peers teach you about parts of the Odyssey
that you will not read.
Ask any questions you may have so there is clarity.