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Electronic Resumes: Changing
the Face of Competition
Seth G. Acosta, M.S.
Senior Rehabilitation Consultant
The Sierra Group, Inc.
[email protected]
610-992-0288 Ext. 113
Open Market is Growing
• Accessibility / Increased Competition
Electronic Filter are Increasing
• Resumes are Filtered – Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
Increased Importance on Profiles
• Know How and Why these electronic filters
• Structure your Profile and Resume
Uncomfortable Facts
• 86% are never seen
• SHRM - 90% on Page 1
• 4 Second Rule
• Electronic job-boards require follow-up
Profile Keys
• Title – focused on Goal
• Desired Compensation – know your geography
• Distance willing to travel – know what’s expected
• Certificates and Credentials – what do others
Key Elements to any Resume
• Contact Info
• Objective/Professional Summary
• Summary of Skills
• Work Experience
• Education/Certifications/Professional Affl.
Contact Information
• Who you are?
• How can you be contacted?
Nothing More!!!
An Objective
• Should be as Specific as Possible
• Will Change from Job to Job
• Must flow with the Balance of the Resume
• Should Never Specify a Desired Salary
• Never uses (I, Me, or My)
• Does Not End with a Period
Summary of Skills
• Displays Competencies
• Demonstrates Your Unique Qualities
• Shows Employers Successful Accomplishments
• Uses phrases such as, “as demonstrated through ”
and/or “as shown by”
• Never Touches More than 3 Points
Work History
• Demonstrates Previous Vocational Experience
• Illustrates an Extended Work Capacity
• Shows Historical Success
• Inspires Employer Trust
• Includes and formal and informal studies
• Includes any certifications or designations
Chronological Resume
• Key Concepts
– Strong Focus on Time
– Demonstrates Professional/Educational Progress
– Centers on Past Achievements and Experiences
– Fact-Based Narrative
Functional Resume
• Keys Concepts
– Ability and Skills Driven
– Ignores Chronological Order
– Focuses on Future Rather than Past Experience
– Caters to Employers’ needs
Resume Electronic Trends
Always Use
• Bullet Points
• Key Words / Spatial Significance (i.e. Full-time)
• Include: Numerical Facts and Technological
Language (i.e. C++)
Resume Electronic Trends
Never Use
• “I”, “We”, “Our”, “My”
• Underline
• Clichés – (i.e. Work well with others…)
• References – “Furnished Upon Request”