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Sport Club Leadership

Shauna Chisholm Career Services 333 Stewart Center 706-864-1951 [email protected]

Few items to remember about Resumes O O O O Everyone has a different opinion O The resume is suppose to represent you Do not use a template O Career Services website, Tips by Topic Have someone proofread it before sending it out to an employer One page (depending on the field)

Resume Components

O O O O O O O O Heading Objective Education Experience Activities Relevant Coursework Summary of Skills References


O What experiences do you have that you can highlight on your resume?

Few items to remember about Interviewing O O O O O O Research, Research, Research Strong Handshake/ Eye Contact Smile, show your personality Arrive early and know where you are going Professional dress Thank you note afterwards

Interviewing Process

O 4 steps O O O O Warm-up Information Exchange Wrap-up Follow-up

Interview Process

O O Warm- up O Pleasantries Information Exchange O O Behavioral Based questions S.A.R. (Situation, Action, Result) O O O O O Use your experiences Tell me about a project you initiated.

Describe your leadership style.

Describe a situation where you had a conflict with another person and how you dealt with it.

What are your team-player qualities? Give examples

Interview Process

O O Wrap- up O Questions for them Follow-up O Send a thank you note O Be persistent