NazLink Registration and Work Study Job Search Instructions

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Transcript NazLink Registration and Work Study Job Search Instructions

NazLink Registration and
Job Search Instructions
Nazareth College Career Services Office
Shults Center
Registering on NazLink
1. Open Internet browser
(Explorer, Mozilla Firefox work best)
2. Go to
3. Make sure to “allow pop-ups” if asked
Set up a new account by clicking
on “Click Here to Register”
Complete all required fields (marked with *)
After completing this section, scroll down the page to fill
out your Demographic Information!
Complete all required Demographic Information
Click on Add/Remove button and
then choose major and/or teacher
cert areas
Make sure to select YES to
Allow Employer Viewing!
Career Services will approve your registration within 48 business hours…
then you can upload your resume!
Choose whether or not you would like to
subscribe to the available partnerships.
If you choose to
register, you will see a
link on your NazLink
homepage where you
can access the
information from these
resources without
having to leave NazLink.
Once you have been approved, log back in so that
you can upload your resume. When you log in,
here is the screen you will see:
To upload your resume, go to My Account,
and then select My Documents. On the next
screen select “ADD” from the Resume section.
Give your resume a name (e.g. Kate Smith
Resume), and then click “Browse” to locate
your resume on your computer. Then click
“Save” and you are done!
Searching for Jobs
To search for positions, from the top toolbar
(which will show on all screens), select Job Search.
Next, select Advanced
To search target your search, we recommend that you
complete the fields for
Opportunity Type and Job Category.
Make sure to scroll down
through the lists in both
fields and select the
types/categories from the
lists. You can select more
than one option within
each field by holding
down the “Ctrl” key.
After making your selections,
click “Search”.
Your search results will appear.
To arrange to receive emails with new job postings that
match your search criteria click here.
Click on the Job Title that interests you to see the full
posting description.
Follow the Application Instructions in the posting
to apply for the position.