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 member, puppy, hunter, best friend, rescue
home, zoo
 Labrador, Mongrel
 hippopotamus, rhinoceros, lama, giraffe
 useful, beautiful, independent,homeless,
 domestic, wild
A cow
A sheep
A tiger
A pig
A lion
A horse
A wolf
A duck
A hare
A cock
A fox
A hen
An elephant
A rabbit
A giraffe
A goose
A lama
A dog
A hippo
A cat
An advertisement
Do you want to find a f _ _ _ _ _?
Rex is a L_ _ _ _ _ _r. He is only a puppy, but he is
already (уже) ho_ _ _ _ _s. Rex is kind, be_ _ _ _ _ _l
and very clever. He is friendly with d_ _s and c_ _s
and he loves ch_ _ _ _ _n. Come to our r_ _ _ _ _
h_ _ _ and you’ll find a new m_ _ _ _r of the family.
(Use the words: member, friend, Labrador, beautiful, children,
kind, puppy, dogs, cats, rescue home, homeless)
Revision of the grammar material
Future Simple
Make up sentences with these words:
Up and down, up and down,
Which is the way to London town?
Where? Where? Up in the air?
Close your eyes and you are there!
Do you have a pet?
Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.
Is it a cat or a dog?
It is a cat./ It is a dog. / It is a ….
What is its name?
Its name is …
What colour is it?
It is black (white, grey, black and white, …)
How old is it?
It is 2 years old ( 3 months old, …)
What does it like to eat?
It likes milk (meat, bread, sausage, …)
Who walks your pet?
I do. / My brother does. / My sister does.
Do you love your pet?
Yes, I do.
Andrey Kuznetsov
Natasha Shakova
Olesya Novikova
The most famous
in the world
draw a picture of a wild animal