Complete the sentences with the correct word. • Room

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Transcript Complete the sentences with the correct word. • Room

Complete the sentences with the correct word.

• Room • class • name • Science • pen • new • pencil• Tuesdays • subject • years e.g. The English class is in

Room C.

1. The______case is blue.

2. Sue is 17_____ old.

3. Is the Art lesson in______B?

4. Anna is______to the school.

5. My_______is Mark.

1. What's your favourite___ ?

2. My PE class is on____ and Wednesdays.

3. The_______class is in Room F.

4. The______is on the desk.

5. History_______ is on Tuesdays.

Underline the correct item, e.g. This


/an notebook.

1. Damien 's/'re in Class 2C.

2. It's an/a notebook.

3. I 're/'m in primary school.

4. This is an/a eraser.

5. You 'm/'re in Grade 8.

6. Rita 'm/'s my best friend.

7. This is an/a atlas.

8. Lyn am/is not new to the school.

9. Mary and Betty is/are in the same class.

10. It's an/a ruler.

Choose the correct item.

e.g. It's blue school bag.


an 1. This is_____ orange. An/a 2. John______ new to the school. 'm/ 's 3. Tim and Wendy______in the same Science class. Are/ is 4. Bill....14 years old. are /is 5. The _____are in the pencil case. Ruler/rulers

Choose the correct response.

How are you? How old are you? Let's go to the lesson together. Hello. My name's Wendy. How do you spell your name? Nice to meet you, Betty. Where is the Science lesson? Hi, my name's Betty.

I'm fourteen.

It's in Room D.

Nice to meet you, too OK, great!

It's B-E-T-T-Y.

I'm fine, thanks.

• • • Read the text and underline the correct word.

Hi Mark!

How are you? My name's Betty and I'm 9 years old. I'm from England and l go to Green School. I'm new to the school. My favourite subject is Art and l also like PE and English. My lunch break is from 12:30 to 1:30 every day. Bill and John are in my PE class, but they aren't in my Art and English classes. My English lesson is on Thursdays.

Well, that's about it. Please write soon and tell me about your school. Bye for now, Betty.

Read the text and underline the correct word.

• 1.


Bill/Mark is in Betty's PE class.

Betty's 9/10 years old.


Betty is at Green/Red School.


4. PE/Art is Betty's favourite subject.


Betty's new/old to the school.

The lunch break is at 12:30/1:30.



John is in Art/PE class with Betty.

The English lesson is on Fridays/Thursdays.