Bette & Al

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Transcript Bette & Al

Betty & Al Inc.
Corporate Planning Instructions
• Betty and Al have
inherited a small rug
factory from a elderly
• They have decided to use
the square rugs to design a
yard game where players
throw a bean bag onto a tri
square rug to get points.
(tri-square rugs is three
square rugs connected at
the corners)
• Initially they decide that Al will get a
point if the bean bag falls on the
largest square.
• Betty will get a point if the bean bag
falls on either of the smaller two
• No points are assigned if the bean bag
falls in the triangle, or outside the
square rugs
• Since the area of the squares varies
when using different sized rugs, the
game is not always fair.
• Betty tried to design tri-square games
where there was more surface area on the
smaller two squares, giving her a better
chance to win.
• Al designed games where the largest
square had more surface area giving him a
better chance to score points.
• Once in a while they discovered
combinations that were fair for both.
(equal areas)
• Also there were some combinations of
squares that could not be used because
they couldn’t connect at the corners.
Your Mission
• Design tri-square
rugs for either
Betty or Al as
• Lay out your
designs and trace
the rugs.
• Fill in the resulting
triangle with a
bright color.
• Put several (at
least 5) designs on
a poster and
clearly label the
rug sizes.
• Put any fair games
you discover on the
“Fair Game” poster
at the front of the
• Each group will need the
– 1 large poster
– 1 set of square patterns
– 1 dark marker for tracing
– 3-5 bright markers for triangle
Dos & Don’ts
• Do label your poster with Betty or Al’s
• Do use pencil to trace patterns on poster
board, Do not trace with markers
• Do trace all square areas, don’t shade
them in with colors
• Do shade in all triangles in your design with
bright colors.
• Do have a theme to your colors (Bears or
Colts, IU or Purdue)
• Get
• Get Set
• Go