The Death of the Hired Man

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Transcript The Death of the Hired Man

“The Death of the
Hired Man”
Robert Frost
Literary Term
• Narrative Poem
• Poem that tells a story
• This series of events has a beginning, middle, and
end plus features characters and often dialogue.
“The Death of the Hired Man” (pg. 731)
• Group 1 – Conflict
• What is the basic problem facing Warren, Mary, and
Silas? Be sure to fully explain this conflict showing how
all people involved view it.
• Group 2 – Inferences
• Based upon the dialogue in this poem, what inferences
can one make regarding the relationship between
Warren and Mary? Answer the same question for the
relationship between the couple and Silas.
• Group 3 – Theme
• What is the poem’s theme? Cite several details to
support your chosen theme, making sure you have fully
explained your answer.