Value and Budget Housing Corporation: A Presentation by Mr. P S

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Transcript Value and Budget Housing Corporation: A Presentation by Mr. P S

Value and Budget Housing Corporation
Actual project picture
Vaibhava Project
Superior quality apartments, sale price from Rs.8 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs
Mission to build 1MN homes for low and moderate income households
Focus is exclusively on
er Affordable Housing
EMI or Rent
27 (290 sq.ft) of carpet area
Between 28 and 48 sqmt,
Maximum of 516 sqft of carpet area
Between 49 to 60
Maximum of 645 sq.ft oc Carpet Area
Not exceeding 30%40% of gross monthly
income of buy of
*De4finition of the Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation(2011)
Key tenets of Operations
• Adopting manufacturing process as the key to address quality, timely delivery
and cost effective solutions
• Standardization of design, vendor development to get scale benefits
• Sustainability solutions around water, waste, energy is critical for long term
viability of the project
• Customer research based decisions on project location, apartment and design
of common facilities
• Transparency in dealing with customers with full disclosure on specifications,
delivery time line, cost and customer friendly documentation
• Full compliance with regulatory environment
Standard catalogues/ prototype
used in building designs
Autodesk REVIT used to build standard components for modular buildings
Moulded Reusable Forms
with flexibility on design
Standardization of Processes
Method Statements
What has been achieved
• Breaking down each activity into its
smallest element for superstructure,
foundation and service buildings [ 85%
of the value of Construction]
• Standardization of processes,
equipment, material resources for
constructing prototypes
• Making processes easy to replicate and
What is being done
• Implementing training programs
around standardized processes
• Interlinking all elements in the BIM
Standardization of Equipment
A. Formwork : Western Forms
1st Company to achieve casting frequency
of 2 days
Aluminum formwork has enabled us to
introduce the concept of assembly line
into the construction
Mould assembly process is faster on
account of light weight of the panels and
the ease in setting up the mould
Stricter control on internal dimensions
because of tighter tolerances
Easier to train workforce : Fresh workforce
achieved baseline productivity in 90 days
Lesser time to complete finishing
Actual project picture
We have been the pioneers in using premier Formwork in India. It has enabled
us to meet our schedules and quality norms consistently
Sustainable model – VBHC Initiatives
Water Management
Extensive hydro-geological studies * Determine
community size based on ground water availability
* Treated water reuse via dual plumbing to each home
* Low flow fixtures
Sewage Treatment
100% on site sewage treatment using the Dewats
technology *Treated water used for flushing, irrigation,
washing, construction * Advantage of Dewats: a)Consumes
60% less electricity * Monthly maintenance cost for
customers reduced by Rs 120
Energy Management
Embedded energy and material use * Energy * Renewable
energy on site * Savings - Common area lighting and street
lighting load is 1 MW. Achieved 40% savings, energy
efficient lifts save 8%
Sustainable model – VBHC Initiatives
Solid Waste
Ensures good sanitation, minimize disposal to land fill,
reclaim energy and nutrients from waste * Helps in Source segregation, Biogas from organic waste, minimal
disposal (< 15%) /Maximum recycling
Food & Greenery
Rooftop agriculture using controlled climate - commonly
used vegetables, herbs and greens, pesticide free, drip
irrigation to reduce water intake, thermal comfort for the
top floor residents * Over 500 native species of trees are
being planted in green
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