Adem’s Baba Embarrassed Him A Turkish Story by Emre

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Transcript Adem’s Baba Embarrassed Him A Turkish Story by Emre

The Little Beggar
A folk tale told by David Heathfield
Lesson Aims:
To explore emotions and the motives for peoples’ actions
Lesson Objectives:
Create a comic strip portraying how a character’s emotions change
Thinking Points
 Who gave the Little Beggar some fish?
 Who is the third person that encounters the beggar?
 Where does the Muslim Steward work?
 How does the Barber solve the problem?
 What could the moral of the story be?
 Play this game with a partner
 Take it in turns to make a face
showing different emotions
 Your partner has to guess what
you are feeling,
just by looking
at your face!
Character Portraits
1. Choose one of the characters from the story
2. Split your page into four boxes, and in the first box
draw your chosen character’s face
3. Try to show what they were feeling when they are
first introduced
4. Think about how your character felt at different
times in the story
5. Show how their feelings change by the expression
your draw on their face
Character Portraits
How should we act?
Why did the characters choose to act the way
they did?
Have there been any times that we have acted
in a similar way?