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Study Skills
What is the best way to
prepare for class?
 Be on time.
 Be prepared-take your textbook
& binder w/class notes to every
 Complete the assigned reading
prior to class; this will help
you understand the notes.
Tips for Taking Notes
at School
• Write on only one side of the
• Use abbreviations that you can
still make sense of later.
ex. for example
@ for about or at
u for you
Other examples……….
Listen for clues
• Teachers often repeat
important points.
• Teachers often say important
points slowly.
What should I be looking for
when I read assignments?
Answer the 6 basic questions
How do I know what
information is important?
• Read the questions at the end of the
chapter FIRST.
• Pay attention to BOLD WORDS.
• Summarize the material in your own
Reviewing for a test
Have a review session with a
Ask your parent to quiz you
over key points
Condense information - get
the essential information on
to 1 sheet of paper or onto a
note card
Take a few minutes everyday
to organize your binder.
Read through your class
Use your agenda spiral to
double-check for homework.
Study hints to try…
Work 15-20 minutes; then take a
5 minute break
Work 3-4 math problems; then
take a 5 minute break
Study 3-5 spelling/vocabulary
words; then take a 5 min. break
Have a “study buddy”-exchange
phone numbers
Now you’re on your
way to becoming a…..
Stellar Student