Te st Taking Procedures

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Procedures for Taking Tests
• You must have your photo ID clearly visible, next to
your monitor.
• When taking a test, use a computer in the front of
the room, right side only. We try to reserve the last
two rows for students not taking tests.
• The computers around the corner on the left-front
side of the room will be off limits for testing.
• If you are not taking a test on a test day, please use
the computers at the back of the room.
Other reminders:
• Notes are not allowed on tests (a Formula Help Sheet
may be allowed on some tests).
• Cell phones may NOT be used during a test. They may
NOT be used for a calculator.
• All materials must be stored on the floor during a test
and you should not access them during the test.
• You may use your own scratch paper, but it must be
removed from any binder and the binder stored on
the floor. Turn in all scratch paper with your test.
• You may not access any other web sites during a test.
• Absolutely no talking during a test.
Cheating will result in a grade of 0 on a test and/or a 0 in
the class. All cheating incidents will be reported.