Leadership Development

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What it is and how it affects your grade
The 3 components that make up a
comprehensive AgriScience Education
Program are:
- Classroom
- Student Leadership Development
- Supervised Agriculture Experience
10 % of Grade
5 Events During each Trimester
◦ 2 due by October 3rd
◦ 3 due by November 24th
Fill out Form and turn in
Fill out the Name, Date, Time and Place of
Give a brief description of the activity
Identify 2 – 3 things that went well with the
Identify 1 – 2 things that needed
improvement with the activity
Identify 1 – 2 things that you learned from
this activity.
All FFA Activities
Other Leadership club/organizations (4-H, Peer
Helpers, National Honor, Student Council, etc –
Max 2 of the same per trimester)
Attending School Board Meetings, City Council,
Community Organizations, (Lions, etc.)
Volunteering 1 hour constitutes 1 event
Anything that allows your to help others
If in doubt – Ask!!!
SAE –Supervised Agricultural Experience Supervised program consisting of all the
planned practical learning activities
conducted outside of scheduled class time in
which the student develops and applies
agricultural skills and knowledge. 1
What did that mean?
This is a project designed to encourage
students to learn more about an area of
interest to them in agriculture.
Complete the SAE plan and turn it in for
Pick a topic/project that is of interest to you!
A minimum of 10 hours outside of class must
be spent on this project.
This will make up 10% of your grade.
Present the project to the class. You must
have a visual aid (poster board, Power Point,
video, etc) and present for 3-5 min.
All projects must include a 2+ paragraph
summary/personal reflection about the
project and what was learned.
Animal Health
Animal Science
Ag Mechanics
Natural Resources
Plant Science
Any other topic related
to AgriScience!!!
1. Start your own business
◦ Example: build and sell bird feeders, make and sell
corsages, plant and sell blue berries, etc.
a. Develop a business plan
- What are you going to sell? How are you going to get
started? What is your timeline for completion of each step?
How are you going to market your product? Who is your
target market?
b. Explain how your business has grown and developed.
2. Conduct an Experiment
◦ Examples: research plant fertilizers, compare the
effectiveness of different fishing lures, etc.
a. Hypothesis – what do you expect to find
out doing the experiment?
b. List of supplies needed.
c. Keep a journal/log of the experiment data and
d. Results – What did you find out?
e. Why do you think the experiment turned out the way it
f. What would you change about the experiment if you
were to
do it again.
3. Build/Design a Product
examples: birdhouse, a series of floral
arrangements, sawhorses,
design and
plant a flower garden,
a. Turn in what you built/designed
pictures of the final product
and its
construction. A video tape or
point presentation are also
4. Teach a topic to a group
◦ Examples: teach a 4-H group Parliamentary
Procedure – teach an Elementary
something, set up and guide a field trip to a
greenhouse or dairy
farm etc.
a. A videotape, power point presentation or
of the experience.
5. Raise and care for an animal or plant.
a. Explain the basic needs of the
animal or plant.
b. What are the signs of health?
c. What are the common illnesses
or diseases?
6. Report/Research Paper
◦ Examples: compare different colleges and
choose one, types of dogs, how to care for a salt
water aquarium, etc.
a. A 5 page paper, typed and doublespaced, 12 pt. font.
b. At least 3 different sources, only
one source may be from the internet
7. Volunteer or Job Shadow
-Examples: Volunteer at a humane society, animal
shelter or other business. Job shadow at an
agriculture business, horse barn, etc.
a. Keep a journal of the experience
b. Provide information about the
institution/business. Ex.: create a
power point presentation, or
gather information
into a binder
 Any
other agriculture related
project, talk to me about your
To help you out, I have given you some
assignments along the way. These are to
help encourage you to learn more
information associated with your SAE.
Assignment #1 – SAE Related Website
Assignment (Due October 7th)
◦ Locate 5 web sites related to your SAE Project.
◦ Record the web site address, name, and briefly
describe the website and how it is useful for your
Assignment #2 – Education Assignment (Due
October 24th)
◦ Locate 3 postsecondary institutions that have a
degree related to your SAE project.
◦ Provide the following information about each
Name of institution
Location of institution
Name of Degree
Description of the degree
How long will it take to obtain the degree
Complete the Career Planning Application
SAE Record Book
Final Project – Due at the end of Trimester
◦ Poster board/Power Point Presentation, etc.
◦ May do this at any time before the end of the
semester as well.
◦ 3- 5 minute presentation to the class.
◦ Include your 2+ paragraph Reflection.
Be sure to pick a topic that Interests You!
The Final Project is NOT your SAE – Your SAE
is the experience and knowledge gained
along the way.
Start early – Don’t wait!