Supervised Agricultural Experience

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Transcript Supervised Agricultural Experience

What are my agricultural
 Students have SAE’s to:
• provide agricultural experiences
• “Learning by Doing”
 SAE Benefits
Earn Money
Learning Opportunities
Earn Awards, Degrees, Scholarships
Usually Fun
What is SAE?
 Supervised Agricultural Experience
 SAE’s are:
In the agriculture industry
Conducted outside school time
Supervised by the teacher
Planned around an agriculture occupation
Designed to apply classroom/lab learning
What are the types of SAE?
 Placement
Working for an employer in an ag field
 Entrepreneurship
Owning & operating an ag business
Livestock, crops, lawns, etc.
 Exploration
“Shadowing” or Experiment
What are Improvement
 Part of all SAE’s
 Include learning activities
 Improve appearance , efficiency, or living
 Betterment of self, workplace, community
 May not return cash to you
How is SAE related to classroom
instruction and the FFA?
 Three parts of Agriculture Education:
Classroom + SAE + FFA
 Sometimes it becomes difficult to separate
the three parts of Ag Ed
Who should assist with my SAE
 Parents
• provide equipment, products, financing
• learning skills, selecting animals
 Teachers
• keeping records, award applications
• setting goals
• learning skills
 Employer
What must students do in order
to have an SAE program
 Career Goal or Agricultural Interest
 Select SAE to meet goals
 Complete needed paperwork
 Student keeps accurate records
 Receive instruction from teacher, parents,
and employer