Deydey`s Ghost Story

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Transcript Deydey`s Ghost Story

Deydey’s Ghost Story
Click on the speaker to hear “Deydey’s Ghost Story.
How does this help develop
the setting?
 Remember, setting is the time, place, and common
beliefs of the people.
 This story helps us picture the inside of the house since
it mentions the fire in the middle and lots of blankets
and robes.
 It lets us know traditions were important in the tribe
because only Deydey could tell a story since it wasn't a
legend, but Deydey strayed from traditions sometimes
because he hadn't offered tobacco to the spirits.
How does this help develop
the plot?
 Deydey has returned and will be more involved with the
 This story can lead to predictions about hunger, since
that is what caused the death of the ghosts.
 It is a special moment because the whole family is
together and engaged.
How does this help develop
the theme?
 So far, the book seems to have several themes, or
messages, developing.
 Deydey was saved because he pretended to be a bear.
One of the themes seems to be that bears are protectors.
 Deydey did not make a tobacco offering and regretted it.
Another theme that seems to be developing is that
tradition is important.