Chapter 6: Growth in a Crumbling Empire

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Transcript Chapter 6: Growth in a Crumbling Empire

God as Ruler
› God ruled creation
› God “looked down from above”
The Mass and the Sacraments
› West Mass follows closely to modern times, public
› East Mass separated sanctuary and congregation
Veneration of Saints
› Called upon in prayers, people and localities
celebrated favorite saints’ feast days
The Clergy
› Qualifications became stricter and more
Barbarian Pressures in the West
Control of the Church in the East
Chieftains Instead of Western Emperors
As Clovis Goes, So Go the Barbarians
› From Pagan to Christian
› Arianism on the Wane, Christendom on the Rise
 New calendar beginning with Christ’s birth
Justinian: The Last Strong Emperor
› The Justinian Code
› Persecution of Jews and Others
› An Emperor in Control of the Church
For Review pg. 110
Patrick: The Monk as Missionary
A Slave Among the Pagans
Called Back to Preach Among His Captors
The Monastery as a Missionary Center
The Stuff of Legends
Brigid: From Servant Girl to Monastic Leader
› A Calling to Leadership
› The Double Monastery of Kildare
Benedict: A Balance of Work and Prayer
› Rule of Saint Benedict
For Review pg. 114
From Government Official to Reluctant Pope
 An Able Leader
› Friend of the Poor
› Church Educator
 900 of letters preserved in libraries
› Liturgical Music Innovator
 Gregorian Chant
› Diplomat
The Mission to Britain
› Augustine of Canterbury
For Review pg. 120
Conquering the Mediterranean Region in
the Name of Allah
› Honor Allah by spreading Islam everywhere
› Christians converted to avoid paying taxes
Stopped in Gaul
› Charles Martel
 “mayor of the palace” in Gaul
 Army met and defeated Muslims