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SGS Student Services
General Meeting for
Graduate Administrators
Friday, March 13, 2015
2:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Don MacMillan, Director, Student Services
Update from Systems & Records
Josie Lalonde, Associate Director, Student Services, Student Systems & Records
Update from Information Services
Corey Dales, Director, Information Services
Student Accounts Updates
Audrey Cheung, Manager Student Accounts
Centre for International Experience
Marc Arnold, Coordinator of Transition and Advising
Updates Graduate Awards Office
Fong Di Caterina, Senior Awards Officer, Graduate Awards & Financial Aid
Updates from Student Services
Liam O’Leary, Programming Coordinator, Grad Room
Ed Baluyut, Recruitment and Admissions Officer
Don MacMillan, Director, Student Services
Update from
Student Systems & Records
Josie Lalonde
Associate Director, Student Services
Student Systems & Records
• Registration Rollover
– Took place yesterday
– From previous academic year to 20155
– 6 a.m. Monday: course enrolment begins
– Set your MAZ and M07 sessional event dates if
your course enrolment dates differ from the SGS
– Section 1.4 of the ROSI Manual
Student Systems & Records
• eMarks
– 9 Faculties used eMarks for 20149 grades
– Others are confirmed for 20151 grades
– eMarks settings and background data
Student Systems & Records
• eMarks: Process Questions
– Late and revised grades
– Coursework extensions and SDFs
– Switching to a different faculty
Student Systems & Records
Student Systems & Records
• ACORN: Main features and benefits
– User-friendly, intuitive design
– UTORid authentication replaces student number
– Notifications of upcoming dates and deadlines
– Warnings for pre and co-requisites and more
– Enrolment planning tool
– Access to other online services (e.g., MyRes)
Student Systems & Records
• ACORN: Implementation status
– No firm release date but at least a month’s notice
– Updating print and online material
– ROSI/SWS and ACORN will run side-by-side
– Information for students and staff
Student Systems & Records
• SGS Drive
– Guidelines & Set-Up Guides: SGS website 
Faculty & Staff  Manuals & Guidelines
• User name: gradunit
• Password: Access4U
– User support: [email protected]
Student Systems & Records
• Admissions
– Enter responses in ROSI as soon as they come in
– Essential Grad Guide
– Statistics used for strategic planning
– Section 4.8 of the ROSI Manual
SGS Information Systems
Projects Overview
Corey Dales
Director, Information Systems
Requesting Support
– If you have a problem with an SGS system please
email [email protected]
Online Admissions Application
SGS Drive
SGS Website
Changes to Graduate Unit and Program Director
• Systems Access Forms
Requesting Support
– Why email [email protected]?
• One spot access for support
– We will route to the appropriate person
• Accessed by all members of the team helping ensure a
prompt response
• Identifies common issues and solutions
• Helps track status of issues and requests
• Metrics
Email Migration
– Email System
• SGS is moving to UTORExchange
• Working with IT+S to address needs
– Moved outgoing system emails to university systems
– Mass mailings will be queued until 1am
» Small groups can be sent immediately
– Storage quotas
– Distribution Groups will become Listservs
• We are working on the migration schedule and will
publish once confirmed
Email Migration
– How does this impact you?
• Little immediate impact to the graduate community
– Minor interruptions during the move
– All addresses will stay the same
» No need to change anything just yet
– Slowly deprecate “” so eventually people
will need to update
» Marketing materials/website
» Address books / contacts
• Big Benefits
– Calendars for SGS (free busy/time) will be available for those
on UTORExchange
Email Migration
– How does this impact you?
• Little immediate impact to the graduate community
– Some minor interruptions during the move
» Schedule will be published once finalized
– All addresses will stay the same
» No need to change anything just yet
– Slowly deprecate “” so eventually people
will need to update
» Marketing materials / website
» Address books / contacts
Email Migration
– How does this impact you?
• Benefits
– Calendars (free busy/time) for SGS staff will be available for
those on UTORExchange
SGS Drive
– Exploring offering a web based alternative for
accessing the existing file share
– Nothing is changing
• Access via WebDAV will continue
• Access via CyberDuck will continue
• Access via Windows Explorer (drive mappings) will
Progress Tracker
– An optional, web based tool to assist graduate
students, supervisors, and units with tracking
progress of research stream students.
– Held a number of consultations, request for
feedback and focus groups
– Development occurred over the summer and is
Progress Tracker
– Project has been delayed due to competing priorities
• we are working to get it back on track
– Winter 2015
• Setup a demo environment for those interested
• If you would be interested in testing please contact me
– About 10 units have expressed interest so far
– Summer 2015
• Work with EASI on integration with ROSI
• Develop training and user guides
– Fall 2015
• Production for those who wish to use it
Electronic Forms
• 74 forms on our website
• Used by students, faculty, and
• Most are PDF’s but the process is
very much paper based
– OAA, OGS, Travel Grant,
Conference Grant require IS
involvement to change
• No way to know the status
• No way to access the data
Electronic Forms
SGS is developing a new web forms
Reduce turn around time on form
– Maintain version/history without losing
– No database changes
– No system down time for deployment
Provide a single location to access
forms, view their status, and their
Forms are searchable by title and
Electronic Forms
• Data is prepopulated
from University systems
(ROSI, CM, etc.)
• Incorporates workflows
including sign off by
chairs/deans, SGS, etc.
• Administrators: ability to
change department /
roles on the fly
Electronic Forms
• Next Steps…
– March / April
• Finish implementing forms functionality
• Design and develop the administrative interface
– Once the data is in, how do we interact with it
– Summer 2015
• Deploy for simple single stage workflows
– Student -> SGS
– Units -> SGS (potentially)
Electronic Forms
• Next Steps…
– Fall 2015
• Training for Chairs / Admins / Coordinators
• Deploy complex forms with multi-stage workflows
– Student -> Unit -> SGS
– Longer Term Goals
• Reporting (globally for all systems)
• From Design Tools
• Complex systems such as OAA and OGS
Graduate Awards Updates
Fong Di Caterina, Senior Awards Officer,
Graduate Awards & Financial Aid
Three minutes
One slide
What’s it all about:
A public speaking competition for doctoral students
Competitors have 3-minutes to present their research to a panel of
non-specialist judges
Divisional heat will consist of up to ​25 competitors each
The top five competitors from each heat will go forward to
compete at the U of T Final
The winner will represent U of T at the Provincial 3MT
competition at Western University
U of T Divisional Heats (x3)
March 25th & March 26th
Claude T. Bissell Building
140 St. George St, room 205
Heat #1:​ Division IV March 25 - 1pm
Heat #2:​ Division III March​ 26 - 11am
Heat #3: Division I&II March​ 26 - 2pm
3MT U of T Final
April 8th at 7 pm
Sandford Fleming Building
10 King's College Road, room 1105
3MT Ontario Final
hosted by Western University
​April 23rd at 3 pm
So how’d our
students do?
3MT Winners
U of T and Provencal 3MT winner
Jasdeep Saggar, Medical Biophysics
Hypoxia-activated pro-drugs: a novel approach for breast cancer
U of T and Provencal 3MT winner
Daiva Nielsen, Nutritional Sciences
Do Dietary Recommendations Based on Genetics Change Eating Behaviour?
Stay tuned!
Updates from Student Services
Liam O’Leary, Programming
Coordinator, Grad Room &
GPS Program
Grad Orientation 2015
Tuesday, September 8, 2015
JJR Macleod Auditorium
Updates from Student Services
Ed Baluyut, Recruitment and
Admissions Officer
Updates from Student Services
Don MacMillan
Director, Student Services
International Visiting Graduate
Student Research Agreement
And now your questions…