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FHWA Reorganization Update
Program Performance Management
Standing Committee on Performance Management Meeting
Detroit, MI
October 14, 2011
Peter Stephanos
Federal Highway Administration
New Proposed Office Mission
Lead, guide, coordinate and develop the
cross-cutting aspects of a performancebased federal highway program to ensure
consistency in philosophy and sustained
implementation of performance elements
across various program areas.
Design and Operations of New Office
Office Roles
• Ensure FHWA operates in a “corporate” manner
 Establishment of policy and guidance
 Development of tools and methods
 Common implementation approach for the agency
• Clearly define and adhere to one framework
• Prepare FHWA by building staff strength
• Develop and deploy new methods and tools
• Assess performance at a national level and produce
meaningful, effective reports
• Engage and partner with key stakeholders
Design and Operations of New Office
Proposed Office Functions
• Policy & Guidance – Work with program offices to ensure that FHWA
approach to implement program performance management follows one
framework in a consistent and coordinated manner.
• Institutional Capacity Development – Work with division offices to
ensure that FHWA is fully prepared, equip and proficient in the core
competencies to deliver the federal role and to be a strong advocate for
program performance management. Ensure that the roles and responsibilities
of FHWA units and staff are clearly communicated and understood.
• Performance Management & Analytical Tools – Work with
research and technology deployment units and program offices to develop and
advance new technologies that will improve how performance is managed at
the national, state and local level.
• Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting – Work with program offices
to evaluate performance, trends and future needs to achieve performance
targets. Produce reports and represent FHWA on external organizations.
Proposed Organizational Structure
Office of Infrastructure
and Programs
Highways for Life
Office of Program
Office of Bridges
and Structures
Bridge Performance
Office of Asset
Pavement, and
Asset & Pavement
Office of Program
Ensuring for Coordination
• PPM Core Team
 Develop and track work progress
 Coordinate agency response to requests
 Share and coordinate activities
• PPM Leadership Council
• Informal stakeholder working groups
Current Office Activities
• Staff assigned to new office in October
• Primary focus areas:
 Work plan development
 Capacity development plan
 Tier 1 measure studies
 Promoting best practices
 Assessing reporting capabilities/needs
Thank You
U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Highway