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Glen Owen
RD ICE East of England
CIC Regional chair and BIM Hub Champion
Government Construction Strategy (for
In May 2011, the UK Government published the
Construction Strategy aimed at reducing the cost of
public sector assets by up to 20% by 2016. The strategy
calls “for a profound change in the relationship
between public authorities and the construction
industry to ensure the Government consistently gets a
good deal and the country gets the social and
• infrastructure it needs for the long-term”.
BIM strategy
Basic problems exist with procuring public assets, which
have been known for over 100 years, but little as yet
has been achieved in resolving them. The Construction
Strategy defines a number of strategic objectives,
which collectively will overcome these problems. In
particular, a strategic objective has been set to achieve
maturity Level 2 building information modelling (BIM)
on all public sector asset procurement, with equal
applicability to private sector building, infrastructure,
refurbishment and new-build projects. This will
address the problem of information that is inaccurate,
incomplete and ambiguous and results in unnecessary
additional capital delivery costs amounting to 20-25% –
CIC’s Role
Task Group’s work to date
BIM protocol
Work stages
PAS 1192:2
BIM Task Group website
BIM Hubs
BIM Protocol
The key principles :
• All parties should have the Protocol
incorporated into their contract
The same version of the Protocol and
Appendices should be incorporated into each
The wording of the CIC BIM Protocol should
not be amended
The Protocol should detail all Building
Information Models that are going to be
produced by all parties
The Appendices have to be completed with
project specific information for all projects.
This should be available from preappointment documentation such as the
Employer’s Information Requirements.
Changes to the Protocol and its Appendices
should be treated as variations to the
PAS 1192:2
The PAS includes:
• Taxonomy of terms
• References to other
relevant BSI standards, CPI
guidance and other
• Definitions for Process and
Data needs
• Roles and Responsibilities
• Sources for Key Templates
for documents referenced
in the PAS
BIM Hubs
•Interface with the core team and the emerging
legacy support organisation to raise awareness of the
BIM programme and its requirements
•Act as a conduit for relevant information on the
programme to ensure a consistent and contextualised
message is disseminated
•Enable regional engagement in national discussions
•Encourage the sharing of BIM knowledge and best
practice within the networks
•Facilitate regional collaborative activity to support
the development of the supply chain’s BIM
•Provide linkage with the GCS BIM Task Group and the
•Provide valuable feedback to the core team
Eastern BIM Hub
• Launch today with this event
• Volunteers needed – let me know
• Website available – needs populating with
events from all CIC member organisations and