BS1192:2007 & PAS 1192-2

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Transcript BS1192:2007 & PAS 1192-2

BS1192:2007 & PAS 1192-2
MR1 Consulting ltd
Collaborating for Business Performance
• The BS was developed and published from
practical application of the processes known
as Avanti.
• It has been implemented on a number of
projects of various value and the savings of
10% have been sustained on all projects.
• This is 50% of the target set by the BIM
1976 Building Research
A discrepancy of 10mm
in one dimension cost
and seriously affected
the contractors
Lack of coordination
Waste at 10-20%
• The UK Government
construction total
expenditure per
annum is £80bn.
• Possible min £20bn
of waste
• The European
Institute 2003 stated
that non-quality in
represents E80bn of
waste per annum.
The Client buys risk every time he
accepts non quality information from his
supply teams
• The BIM Strategy has set its target at 20-25%
of construction cost that is generated because
information for construction is:
– Inaccurate
– Incomplete
– And Ambiguous
• The use of CAD solutions has perpetuated the
problem even though it had the capacity to
solve the problem.
Level 2 Maturity for BIM
PAS 1192-2
The CPIx Protocol PIP
Project Implementation Plan
Assess your IT and your Resource capability
to deliver the employers requirements
CPIx Execution Plan
• Building Information Model and
Management (BIM(M))
• Agreed Supply Chain Execution
Produce you delivery plan and agree with your supply chain
and the second and third tiers
CIC Scope of works:2012
• Alignment of the Industry Institutional
deliverables .
• Levels of Model Detail appropriate for the
purpose NOT high detail because we can.
• Levels of Information appropriate to the scope
stages and the Employers Information
Requirements (EIR).
Supply Chain- Client