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Dubai’s main street in 1990
The same street in 2003
… again, a few years later
Due to the “building explosion” 25% of all tower cranes
of the world are located in Dubai
Dubai’s coast
Everything on this photo was built during the last 5 years,
including the palm shaped island
The World Islands
The Burj al-Arab
hotel is the world’s
largest hotel and the
only 7 * hotel .
In 2005, the
of the Burj
Dubai was
started. (to
be completed
in 2008).
The total
height will
be over
Dubai in 2009.
completed, this
will be Dubai’s
tallest building
The Al Burj.
This building
will reach a
height of 1200
This makes the
building 30% larger
than the Burj Dubai
and three times as
big as the Empire
State Building.