Uglies Activities

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Trading Card Characters
Magic the Gathering
Card Creation
 Select 6 of the characters from your packet. You will
complete two a day.
 Take notes on the parts of the trading card and the
questions. You may want to draw a diagram on a
sample index card.
 Note: You can’t answer all portions of the card until
you finish the novel. This card will help you to trace
the character’s involvement in the plot, evaluate their
decisions and actions, and determine the role they
served in connecting to the theme of the book.
Online Card Creation
 Take notes from here. There are five parts with
separate questions for each part.
 If you liked this process, then you can download an
Theme Game
 I need four volunteers!
 You need to be willing to act!
 After the game, create a list on the board of possible
themes. Select 4 themes that you want to trace throughout
the course of this novel.
 Divide your sheet of paper into four.
 Label each corner with a theme.
 By the end of the novel, you need to have three pictures for
each theme. The pictures should relate to some event that
happened in the novel or a character’s choice.
Rules for our Socratic Seminar
 Discussion is not Debate!
 Respect everyone’s opinion. The minute you say
something inappropriate, you are out of the
 First, listen to the question and video. Write your
initial thoughts on a piece of paper numbered by the
questions. Leave extra room between questions.
 The extra room will be used for adding comments by
other students from the discussion.
 Note: This paper will count as your grade for the
discussion. You must answer questions and speak!
Discussion Questions
 Based on our discussion about body image, do you
think our society places too much emphasis on body
 Based on the two videos, does your opinion change?
Do you think that our society teaches us to look or act
a certain way?
Discussion Questions cont.
 Do you think that boys and girls handle body image issues
 Does the media project different images for girls and boys
to emulate(copy)?
 Does our society give beautiful people things more freely
than people who are less attractive?
 In the case of Brittany Kerr, did she make it onto American
Idol because of her voice or her looks?
 Do you think that Scott Westerfeld intended to make a
statement about the media’s portrayal of beauty by writing
this novel?
PBS Link
 You can use this link to investigate additional
advertising resources and practice creating ads.