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World Literature
Ms. McDermott Greaney
Block 2(A) 4(B)
February 17, 2016
Good morning
If you are the discussion director for your group
please collect the folder for your group.
Entry Task
You have five minutes to meet with your group, discuss your roles
and turn in your assignments.
Discussion Director: As a group discuss reoccurring motifs and
themes that can be from in the novel Sold.
• Your group needs to find at least three motifs that can be
transitioned into theme of the novel
Discussion Director needs to take notes on the themes
Novel - Sold
Individual – on notebook paper
1. [101 – 134] How did you feel after reading these pages? Find a
passage from this section that affected you. Quote the line(s). Write a
lead-in and two-part commentary for the quote you chose.
Novel - Sold
Last class you took notes on your topic using the databases only.
databases – EBSCO or Proquest
Over the weekend you will be allowed to use any source BUT you
will need to cite the source and you will be evaluating if it is credible.
Fill in the note taking form and make sure you cite the source
Due on 2/17 – Pass note taking form forward for collection.
Research Databases/Internet
Today you are going to be allow time to research your argumentative
Cornell Notes
Document all sources you are using
• Describe the problem thoroughly, giving examples and explanations for each and
supporting answers with research:
• What caused the problem?
• Where did it begin, or where is it most problematic?
• When did it become a problem?
• Who is affected by the problem? (These are your stakeholders.)
• What are the effects of the problem?
• Why is it important?
• What background information would your audience need to know to
understand the issue?
Global Issue – Define the Issue
Pull out your planners
Read pages 153 - 181 and complete your designated assignment
H/W Sold