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World Literature
Ms. McDermott Greaney
Block 2(A) 4(B)
February 10, 2016
Good morning
If you are the discussion director for your group
please collect the folder for your group.
Entry Task
1. Group Discussion Director will go first. Present your discussion
question to your group.
On that same piece of paper you will start taking notes on the responses from your group.
2. Summarizer will go. You will summarize the reading making sure
to discuss the main plot events, ideas, and conflicts.
3. Literary Device Director. You will discuss the literary devices
that you found in the reading section. Point out the evidence in the
novel and have your group turn to the pages so that see the evidence
4. Vocabulary Director – You will discuss with the group the
vocabulary that you found. Why did you pick those words? What do
they show?
Novel - Sold
Once you have finished:
On a half sheet of paper each member of the group needs to
reflect on what you have learned from the group discussion today.
Place all the assignments in the folder.
Novel - Sold
Unit 5 – Building Cultural Bridges
Researching your topic. Pull out your Pink assignment sheet
Pick up your assigned Chrome book and log into my Google
Springboard Unit 5
Go to the South Kitsap High School website
On the left side of the page scroll down to Library – Destiny
•EBSCO database--username and password available in library
•ProQuest - username and password available in library
Research databases
Today you will be using the databases only. You should have only
two windows open on your computer
One with google classroom document
One with the database – EBSCO or Proquest
If have other windows open without permission you will lose daily
You need to complete the form and turn it in for a grade.
Pull out your planners
Read pages 71-101 and complete your designated assignment
H/W Sold