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Got Family Planning?
Adolescents need a collaborative approach to meet
all their needs in reproductive health education.
All of the above!
Family Planning Providers
Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Specialists
Classroom Teachers
School Nurses
School Based Health Centers
Community Groups
Religious Organizations
Knowledge and Guidance
Access to Quality Education
Goals and Skills
Information about Healthy Relationships
Empowerment to Create Healthy
Resources and Support to Accomplish Their
Successful Completion of Teen Years without
an Unintended Pregnancy (s)
Title X
In 1970, Congress enacted Title X (ten) of the Public Health Service Act, the only
federal program - then and now - devoted solely to the nation-wide provision of
family planning services.
The Title X program, administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services, Office of Population Affairs, awards grants to approximately 85 delegate
agencies in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Pacific Basin to
make contraceptive supplies and services available to persons who want and need
them but are unable to afford them without government assistance.
Since 1970 the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, Office of Maternal, Child and
Family Health, Family Planning Program has been the sole Federal Title X grantee in
West Virginia. The Program also receives funding from Title V Maternal and Child
Health Block Grant, Title XIX/Medicaid and State Appropriations.
The WV Family Planning Program contracts with approximately 157 local county
health departments, primary care and rural health centers, college student health
clinics, school wellness centers, hospitals, and private medical practices to deliver
clinical family planning services to eligible individuals.
In West Virginia for calendar year 2012,
162 publicly funded family planning clinics
provided contraceptive care to over 59,000
patients—including 13,205 adolescents.
• Family planning clinics also serve male patients,
that includes teen boys
Services and Products
Sex Education
Testing for
Infection and HIV
and Pregnancy
 17
Oral Contraceptives
Barrier Methods
Vaginal Delivery
Intrauterine Device
Natural Family
 then
select the county in which you want to find a
clinic then select “where
to get it” at the top of the page, finally enter
your zip code and it will list the closest
350 Capitol Street Room 427
Charleston, WV 25301-3714
304-356-4400 (direct line)
[email protected]