Ft. Lauderdale Region

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Ft. Lauderdale Region
Republic Services Headquarters
Sunrise, Broward County, Florida
Republic Services Inc.
High Performance Characteristics
Rainwater Harvesting: All rainwater is collected from the roof and
stored in a 30,000 gal cistern. This water is used for all the project’s
non-potable functions, including irrigation and toilet flushing.
Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Array: Solar panels
located on the building’s roof generate nearly 12% of the building’s
electrical energy.
Daylight Harvesting/Natural Daylighting: Skylights are located
throughout the building. The amount of natural daylight available
controls the dimming of artificial light fixtures and are only fully
powered when sensors indicate that it is cloudy or night time.
Water Efficient Fixtures: Building’s toilets, showers and faucets are
efficient fixtures consuming 40% less water than standard fixtures.
Recycled Building: Building reuses a former 65,000 sf bowling alley.
Yoshino Architects, P.A. (Architect)
Loucks Engineering (MEP Consultant)
Johnson Structural Group (Structural Consultant)
Sun-Tech Engineering (Civil Consultant)
Witkin Design (Landscape Consultant)
Lucemax (Lighting Consultant)
Miller Construction (General Contractor)
LEED-NC Registered, Silver (Certification Pending)
Commission on the Environment
The Promenade at Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek, Broward County, FL
Stanbery Development
High Performance Characteristics
Burton Braswell Middlebrooks Associates, Inc. (Structural Engineers)
Delta G Consulting Engineers, Inc. (MEP Engineers)
Langan Engineering & Environmental Services (Civil Engineers)
Architectural Alliance (Landscape Architect)
Green Building Services (LEED)
Sikon Construction Corporation (Contractor)
The first privately funded major mixed-use LEED development in
a newly designated downtown in South Florida with 254,000 sf of
retail, 125,000 sf of offices and 456 units of apartments.
A hybrid design of new urbanism in a suburban live-work-shop
environment to reduce regional traffic impact.
Recreational green space above structured parking deck to
reduce heat island effect.
Preferred parking spaces for State of Florida approved hybrid
vehicles, initiated and coordinated effort with governing agencies
to implement fine and enforcement.
Coordinate with on site bus stops to encourage use of public
Storm water management that promotes infiltration and ground
water re-charge.
Use of waterless urinals and dual flush valve toilets.
Water efficient landscaping.
Reduced opening sizes and sun-shade devices for west facing
windows to reduce heat gain.
Ozone depleting CFC-free chemicals for air-conditioning system.
Use of low-emitting interior materials including carpet, paint and
On site public awareness educational program.
Recycle and waste management program.
Use of recycled building materials.
Tenant sub-metering.
Commission on the Environment