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in Industry
Introduction solutions
of Building
in BC
Presented by:
Philip Fung, M.Sc., P.Eng., LEED AP
Tony Tang, P.Eng., LEED AP; Terry Wong, P.Eng
David Woo, P.Eng., LEED AP
 Mechanical, Electrical, and Structural Engineering
o Technology in Building Engineering
o Skills
o Current Labour Market
Mechanical – Technology in Building Engineering
 Big change for the last 25 years.
 Not only focus on health and safety (BCBC), but also on energy
conservation and environment
 From Traditional (CV, VAV, FC, HP) to Sustainable, LEED, Green
Building design
 Displacement Ventilation, Geothermal system, radiant heat/cool
system, heat recovery, natural ventilation, solar system, low (or no)
flow fixtures, renewal energy, daylighting, storm water reuse, DDC
 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Comfort
Fan Coil vs. Chilled Beam
Radiant Heat/Cool Panel with Light Shelf
Heat Pump vs. Variable Flow Refrigerant
Mechanical - Skills
 Drawings from hand drafting, to AutoCADD, to Revit, BIM
 Sustainable verse traditional design skills
 Design Build and P3 process
 Integrated Design Process (IDP), LEED Score Card
 Energy Modeling (HAP, Trace, DOE, IES Energy Plus, EQuest
 LEED Acredited Professional
 Good Communication Skill
Sustainable verse Traditional Design Skills
 Sustainable goals set: health,
energy, environment
 Define Strategies: energy,
water, envelope
 Concepts: natural ventilation,
daylight, low E, solar
 Cost Analysis: V.A., life-cycle
 Design Development
 Contract Documentation:
coordinate & document
 Tender
 Construction Administration
 Test & Commission
Integrated Design Process
 Involves in all disciplines
 Participating in environmental goal setting charettes
 Developing synergistic solutions that meet multiple needs
 Sourcing recycled materials for re-use in the building
 Using current proven technologies
 Explore the use of energy conservation measures
Mechanical – Current Labour Market
 2009 recession
 Shortage of senior engineers, and engineers with experience
 Lack of sustainable design experience
 Foreign trained engineers (prefer having local codes and design
Electrical - Technology in Building Engineering
 Structured Cabling
1) Office environment networking
2) Integration of Building Autowork System
3) Security and Access Control System
 High efficiency Lighting
1) Reduction of power consumption
2) Controllability
 Solar Power
Electrical - Skills
 3D Drafting for presentation
 Computer modeling for lighting Design
 Computer modeling for building power distribution
Electrical – Current Labour Market
 2009 Recession
 Shortage of senior engineers, and engineers with experience
 Lack of sustainable design experience
Structural - Technology in Building Engineering
 Significant changes in the BC Building Code from 1980 to present,
particularly in seismic design
 Advancement in computer engineering analysis programs
o Etabs
o Sap
o Softech
o Wood program by Wood Council
o Suppliers computer programs – EG: Hilti roof deck diaphragm design
 Sustainable, LEED, Green Building Design
 Requirement of Struct.Eng. registration
Structural - Skills
 Revit Modeling
 Advanced degrees in structural engineering
 Continuing Education
 Communication
Structural – Current Labour Market
 Cyclical in nature
 Shortage of senior/experienced engineers
 Foreign trained engineers
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