A Cell Is Like a Dirtbike

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Transcript A Cell Is Like a Dirtbike

A Cell Is Like a Dirtbike
By. Dylan Wood
The Nucleus is like the rider, they
control the cell/dirtbike
The Cell Membrane is like the air filter,
it lets the good things in and keeps the
bad out
The Cell Wall is like the frame, It holds
everything together
The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like a
fuel line, it allows fuel to pass like
proteins do in the Endoplasmic
The Golgi Apparatus is like the chain, it
delivers power to the wheel like the
Golgi Apparatus delivers proteins
The Mitochondrion is like the motor,
it’s what makes the bike go like the
mitochondrion is the powerhouse for
the cell.
The Vacuole is like the gas tank, it
holds the gas like the Vacuole stores
food, water, and waste
The Ribosome is like gas, it fuels
everything like the Ribosome produce
Plant and Animal Cells
• A plant cell has a cell wall to support it and a animal cell has
a cytoskeleton to support it.
• A plant cell uses both photosynthesis and cell respiration to
breath. Where a animal cell only has cell respiration.
• A plant cell has a chloroplast to absorb energy. Where a
animal cell does not have one.
• A plant cell is green from the chlorophyll. Where a animal
cell is a pinkish-red from the blood.
• A plant cell has one large vacuole which stores things.
Where a animal cell has many small ones.
• A plant cell is a square shape because of the cell wall.
Where a animal cell can be any shape because it doesn’t
have a cell wall.