Transcript Warm-Up 5/8

Warm-Up 5/8
Pick up the cartoon from the bin and answer this
question on your warm-up sheet:
Is this cartoon in favor of annexing Hawaii?
How do you know?
◦ What countries did the US get involved in?
◦ What were three territories that we
◦ Why did the US get involved in imperialism?
◦ In your opinion, do you think the purchase of
Alaska was a smart move? Why?
◦ Who was Liliuokalani?
Lesson Question
Prior to the 1890s, how and why does
the United States attempt to
expand its influence?
Open Door Policy
Spheres of Influence
Great White Fleet
Who & What
 Although
China had it’s
own ruler, it
was weak and
controlled by
other nations.
These “spheres of influence”
limited trade between the U.S.
and China
When, What & How - “Open Door
In the fall of 1898, President McKinley and
Secretary of State John Hay force an
"open door" policy on the nations that
control China.
 The policy would allow all trading nations
access to the Chinese markets.
Why do you think the US would
est. this policy?
“America Becomes a World Power”
Moving On!
Spanish-American War
Take out your textbooks
Open to page 346. Read from p. 346-355
stopping before “Filipinos Rebel”
1. Fill out the graphic organizer based on
the reading
2. Complete the map activity with
3. Answer the questions based on the
reading on the third page
3-2-1 about American Imperialism
 3 things that you learned
 2 things that you still quite don’t
 1 thing you already knew