Multimedia Presentations

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Transcript Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia Presentations
Huh? What? Why?
What makes one good? Bad?
What to include…
What does “multimedia” mean?
• Includes multiple forms of media
– Some form of recorded audio
– A visual element
– For our purposes, multimedia also includes a
Audio (sound)
• Some form of recorded audio
– Music
• Copyright rules allow 10% of song length (maximum of
30 seconds) of each song use for student
• Multiple clips (from different songs) may be included
• School appropriate
• Credit the original artist/composer/lyricist
– Prerecorded narration
– Audio included in video
– Interview excerpts
Visual Components
• Multimedia presentations MUST include at least
one (better yet, a combination) of the following:
– Presentation software: Power Point, Smart Board,
online tools
– *Other prepared, video/computer visual
– Posters/Props
– Video
• Planned and rehearsed
• Interactive
– Be prepared to ask questions and interact with the
– Read your audience’s verbal and nonverbal cues
(body language and facial expressions) and adjust
your presentation if needed
– Listen as well as share
Visual Presentation
Do’s and DON’Ts
• DO
– Consider readability,
color, and size of fonts.
– Choose font and background
colors that lets text stand out
(contrast), are easy to view,
appropriate, and pleasing.
– Keep slides simple and brief
(there’s really too much on this slide)
– Use fancy fonts just to be
different; they can be hard to read
and detract from your
– Use bright colors, combinations
of graphics, or visuals that will
burn your audience’s retinas.
Write a lot of information on every slide with
writing that takes up the whole slide and
would take too long to get through before
your audience loses interest or gets distracted
because it really hampers your message and
getting your great ideas across.
Visual Presentation
Do’s and DON’Ts (part 2)
• DO
– Use animation, sounds,
and “extras that
ENHANCE your message
o Put a lot of extra
“cool” stuff in just
because you can; it’s
very distracting and
your message gets
• Multimedia picture from:
• Music:
– Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka and the
Chocolate Factory; performed by Gene Wilder,
composed by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley