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Zeacom Administration Training

Welcome to Zeacom!

Course Topics • • • • • • Voice Messaging Administration Contact Center Administration – Departments, Queues, Agent Login Classes, Announcements, Agents, Operators Zeacom system architecture, licensing and modules Zeacom Applications – Administrator, Desktop, Console, Executive Insight Security and Troubleshooting Reporting

Zeacom System Integration

Skills Based Routing Strategy Supervisors 120 - 3 Blueberry Agents 45 - 4

Delay can be configured so that as the calls age, more agents are made available to take the call. Priority can be used to ensure the call goes to the highest skilled agent if two agents become available at the same time.

Kiwi Agents 0 - 5 Kiwi Nutrition Queue

ZCC Terminology

Basic Call Flow Example

Contact Center Diagram (Announcements)

Contact Center Diagram (Query Call)

Contact Center Diagram (Progress, Callback, Wrapup)


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